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Economic Development

Economic Development


NEW! 2014 Downtown Façade Program

The City of Logan has much to offer businesses seeking a place to relocate or expand. Logan boasts a highly educated workforce, beautiful scenery, a high standard of living, and lots of open space. Logan is the home to Utah State University. Consequently the workforce in this area is highly educated. Logan is also is the home of the Bridgerland Applied Technology Center, which provides technical training for local residents. the News

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The City of Logan is pleased to offer a grant program intended to stimulate investment in downtown building façades. The program is designed to assist rehabilitation projects of varying scope. These may range from smaller painting, lighting, or awning replacement projects to the more extensive storefront modifications or complete façade overhauls. Property renovations may include efforts to enhance parking areas.

Interested property owners may apply for a matching grant of up to *25%, not to exceed $35,000. The property must be located within the program boundaries located in Downtown Logan ( see map ). The availability of matching funds varies by location within the program area due to restrictions associated with the source of funds. Applicants must provide architectural renderings of the proposed renovations.

Historic preservation projects are encouraged and may be eligible for federal tax credits administered by the National Park Service. Projects proposed within the Center Street National Historic District will need to adhere to principles outlined in both federal law, the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, and in the City of Logan’s Historic District Design Review Standards. Copies of these standards are available in the City’s Department of Community Development office and on the web here.

Approval Process and Important Dates

  1. Applications are to be returned to the Community Development Department during the application period (shown below). As appropriate, this façade program application must be accompanied by a project review application and/or a historic certificate of appropriateness application, as directed by the Community Development Department.

    May 5 Application period opens
    June 30 Application period closes

  2. Projects will be reviewed and recommended for funding by a Façade Program Committee to then be presented to the City’s Economic Development Committee for final approval on July 11th.

*Projects may be eligible for grants of up to 50% of total project cost if approved by the City's Economic Development Committee.

Application for Funding Assistance

Market Report 2010

Information provided by Singleton & Company


Logan-Cache Airport Information:
Runway Length: 9,100 feet(proposed for Spring)
Surface: 3 in. Asphalt, 1 in. PFC
Fuel: Jet and 100 Octane
ILS Approach? No
Runways Lightened? Yes
Ground Service? Yes
Rotating Light/Beacon? Yes
Navigation Aids: VOR/DME 109.8
Communications: UNICOM 122.8
Weather Reporting: ASOS 135.275
Distance to Salt Internationa: 75 air miles

Salt Lake International Airport:
Salt Lake International Airport makes Cache Valley 90 minutes from access to any major city in the United States. The Salt Lake International Airport is a Delta Airlines hub. The Logan/Cache Airport, bordering the Logan Industrial Quadrangle, is an excellent corporate airport. It has good maintenance facilities, no congestion or delays, and easy access. Nine major airlines including America West, Continental, Delta, Eastern, Northwest, Pan American, Trans world, and serves Utah with an average of 300 flights to 100 cities each day. Salt Lake City full-service customs port city. Salt Lake is one of only 26 cities in the United Sates that has a Foreign Trade Zone. Located immediately west of the Salt Lake International Airport, its 96,000 square feet of warehousing space have been provided for storage and distribution of foreign goods. The Foreign Trade Zone encourages firms to use Utah as warehousing and distribution point since duties may be deferred or reduced.

Flight Time to Selected Cities:

City Flight Time
Albuquerque 1.5
Atlanta 4
Boston 4.5
Chicago 3
Dallas 2.5
Denver 1
Houston 2.5
Los Angeles 1.5
Minneapolis 3
New York 4.5
Phoenix 1.5
Portland 1.5
San Diego 1.5
San Francisco 1.5
Seattle/Tacoma 2
Washington, D.C. 4.5

Railroad - Local Mainline Services:
Union Pacific Railroad: 5 days per week - year round.

Major Highways:
Cache Valley lies at the junction of U.S. Highway 89/91 and Utah Highway 30, both with access to U.S. Interstates 15 and 80.

Approximate Highway Distance from Logan:

Denver, CO 515 mi
Salt Lake City, UT 81 mi
Las Vegas, NV 530 mi
San Francisco 835 mi
Seattle, WA 709 mi.
Los Angeles, CA 815 mi.

Source: Rand McNally Road Atlas

Incentives for Businesses

The City of Logan encourages development of businesses that contribute to the economic improvement of the City. The Municipal Council has passed Resolution 97-10 outlining the City's position on this policy.

There are two main incentives available to businesses and developers:

All applicants are asked to fill out and submit an information form which may be obtained from the Economic Development Department office (255 N Main, Logan, UT 84321) or you can print below.

Kirk Jensen - Economic Development

Kirk Jensen

Kirk Jensen is the Economic Development Director. He joined the City of Logan team in May 2005.