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Logan River Golf Course

15 Green 10 Fairway

Logan River Golf Course
550 W 1000 S
750-0123 or

Summer Hours
Mon. - Sun.: 6 am - 7 pm

Winter Hours
Mon. - Sun.: 9 am - 5 pm

The Golf Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Logan River Golf Course. This 18-hole, Par 71 golf course is a favorite for many, locals and visitors alike.

The Golf Division is comprised of a Head Professional as the Division Manager and oversees the management of all operations including revenues and expenditures, rolling stock, Pro Shop, driving range, lessons, maintenance operations, personnel, and course operations.

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The Logan River Golf Course plays host to many annual tournaments, maintains a strong men's and women's league membership program as well as popular junior camp programs.

Callaway PGA Iron Gate Grill

The clubhouse serves a wide variety of uses and a large number of groups, clubs, and community organizations. Not only is it a wonderful place to go after your corporate outing or golf event, but an excellent venue for a wedding, wedding reception, or corporate retreat.

The tournament room seats up to 160 people and is equipped with all the amenities to house your event or corporate activity. Reservations are now being accepted. To make a reservation contact Jeff John or Erik Skinner at the Logan River Golf Course Pro Shop at 750-0123.

Tournament Room Rental Fees

Rental Category Fee    
Three Hours or Less $250.00    
Five Hours or Less $450.00    
All Day $600.00    
Outdoor Patio Deck $100.00    
Room Capacity    
Grill Room (Snack Bar) Up to 40    
Outdoor Patio Deck Up to 60    
Tournament Room Up to 160    

Clubhouse Tournament Room Space Tournament Room Christmas Tree

Tournament Room Event Entryway Outdoor Patio Deck
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Course Rules

Course rules at Logan River Golf Course include dress code, etiquette, and speed of play.

These rules are set up to allow every player to have a good time and to keep our golf course in top condition. The following rules are approved and enforced:

Dress Code and Etiquette

  • Only soft-soled shoes or soft spikes may be worn.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times, including the driving range.
  • Men's shirts must have sleeves - no tank tops. Women's sleeveless shirts are fine, but no tank or halter tops.
  • Every golfer must have a set of clubs and bag.
  • Players must rake bunkers.
  • Golfers must replace divots.
  • Players must repair ball-marks.
  • A ball-mark repaired within one hour will heal itself within 24 hours. If it is repaired after one hour, it will take 17 to 20 days to heal.
  • Please repair your ball-mark plus one more.

Speed of Play

  • It is your group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front at all times.
  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay.
  • When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave the putting green.
  • Play well, play fair, and play fast.
  • The maximum time allowed per hole is 15 minutes for a par 5, 14 minutes for a par 4, and 13 minutes for a par 3. A round of 18 holes should be played within four hours

Men's Club 2013 Events


Women's Club 2013 Events


Driving Range

Whether you're a golfing fanatic or a keen beginner, our driving range is a great place to practice, have lessons, try out new clubs, and above all-- have fun!

The driving range is 350 yards long, rising very gently away from the tees and as open as the range building itself. There are seven target greens to play to, clumps of trees to hit over or around; it is meant to feel like playing on a golf course, and it does!


  • Open daylight until 45 minutes to dark, except Mondays
  • Open Mondays 10 a.m. until 45 minutes before dark


  • Regular Bucket price is $4.00
  • Large Bucket price is $8.00


Improve your golf game by learning from one of two instructors.

PGA Logo

  • Jeff John - Head Golf Professional PGA
  • Erik Skinner - Assistant Golf Professional PGA

Lesson Fees

  • $40 for a 45 minute lesson
  • $100 for a series of 3 lessons
  • $50 per person for group lessons (series of 3 lessons with 3 or more people)

Call 750-0123 or 750-0123 for more information

Experience Logan River Golf Course through our photos, and see why it is one of the most beautiful golf courses around. (Click on the thumbnails for bigger pictures.)

tour 1 tour 2
tour 3 tour 4
tour 5 tour 6
tour 7 tour 8

Golf Course Staff

James Hansen James Hansen
Golf Course Mechanic
Employed Since 2006
Maintains Course Equipment and Shop Inventory. Preventative Maintenance Program.

Advanced Scuba. CPR Certified. 2 year Computer Science and Networking Certification.

Jeff John Jeff John
Logan River
Golf Professional
Employed Since 1993
Merchandise buyer. Golf Instructor. Daily report activities. Tournament operations. Golf cart fleet maintenance. Hiring and firing of all golf shop and club house employees. Supervision of entire staff.

Class A member of the PGA of America 1992 to present.

Randy Oldham Randy Oldham
Golf Course
Employed Since 2012
Entrusted to carefully manage the maintenance inputs to the golf course while conserving and protecting its natural resources. Includes turf grass and plant maintenance, equipment maintenance and replacement, personnel management, budget forecasting, financial management, irrigation and maintenance of irrigation system, pesticide applications and compliance with government laws & regulations. 

Class A Golf Course Superintendent. Licensed Pesticide applicator.

Erik Skinner Erik Skinner
Assistant Golf
Employed Since 2001
Tournaments, junior clinics, cart management, and managerial responsibilities.

BS Degree in Business Administration. Class A member of the PGA of America 2010 to present.

Golf Course Maintenance Plan

All preventive maintenance done at the Logan River Golf Course should be done under the direction of the Golf Course Maintenance Plan and is done on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. All safety inspections at the Logan River Golf Course are done on a monthly basis and should be done in accordance with the Department Safety Form provided by the Safety Committee.

Pro Shop (daily)

  • Doors and Locks
  • Windows
  •    • Check for bad seals and cranks
       • Clean
  • Carpets cleaned, counters cleaned and dusted
  • Restock
  • Alarm set and checked
  • Heating and cooling (6 months - filters and service)

Pro Shop (Annually)

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Exit Signs (lights and batteries)
  • Alarm System (serviced)
  • POP Point of Sale Upgrades
  • Painting and sealing
  • Lights and fixtures (replacement)
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Steam clean carpets (spring)

Snack Bar

  • Doors and Locks
  •    • Checked daily
       • Serviced annually
  • Fire Extinguisher (annually)
  • Range Hood (annually)
  • Electrical Outlets (daily)
  • Grill (Natural Gas)
  • Steam Clean carpets (spring)
  • Turn off water lines (winter)


  • Doors and Locks
  •    • Checked daily
       • Serviced annually
  • Floors and sinks cleaned
  • Urinal and toilets cleaned daily and as needed
  • Water lines shut off (winter)
  • ADA requirements met (handicap stalls and sinks)
  • Signage
  • Graffiti

Cart Storage Area (Basement & Range Shed)

  • Sweep out and spray cart storage area
  • Wash and store all carts in their designated stalls
  • All trash cans are emptied and clean on a daily basis
  • Water in the ball washer is emptied and the machine is cleaned daily
  • Doors are locked, secured, and checked
  • Watering cart batteries
  • Cleaning cart windshields

  • Servicing all golf carts (greasing, replacing wiring, and steam cleaning)
  • Water lines shut off and inspected
  • Service heating and cooling (spring and fall)
  • Filters changed (semi-annual)
  • Range, marshal and drink cart serviced (monthly as well as annually)
  • Service and repair picker and ball dispenser
  • Service power sprayer (monthly and annually)
  • Pull carts serviced (greased and oiled)
  • Eye wash stations

Grounds Maintenance

  • Snow mold and anti-fungicide applications are applied every late fall to prevent green damage in the spring months.
  • All signs are either covered or brought in each fall to prevent weather damage and to be repaired and repainted.
  • All Tee markers, 150 yard markers and flags are taken in to prevent damage and to be paitned or replaced as needed.
  • Irrigation systems on the course, driving range, and around the clubhouse are winterized every fall. Air compressors are used to blow out the lines to prevent freezing and line damage during the winter months.
  • All directional signs and rope are removed and repaired if needed during the fall months.
  • All water jugs and sand and seed containers are removed from the golf course and stored in the maintenance building for the winter months.
  • Dead tree limbs and leaf removal in the fall months is done to prevent clogged waterways and flooding in the spring months. Fallen trees and limbs can also be a hazard to customers.
  • Application of pre-emergent herbicide in the spring to prevent weeds and crab grass.
  • Broadleaf spraying in the spring to prevent spreading.
  • Spring, summer and fall fertilization to promote growth and coloring.
  • Aeration of the greens in the spring to prevent compaction and promote growth and increase drainage.
  • Fall rough and fairway aeration.
  • Nitrogen application to enhance green color.

Grounds: Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance

  • Daily preventive maintenance is performed on all vehicles and equipment.
  • Daily inspection and needed repairs are performed on a daily basis
  • Oil checked in all vehicles and equipment daily
  • Check hydraulic levels daily
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check coolant levels
  • Grease and lubricate according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Daily visual inspections
  • Sharpen blades and replace worn bed knives
  • Overhaul needed equipment

Print version of the maintenance plan

Corporate Tournaments

What more can you ask for than a company that golfs? The Logan River Golf Course specializes in customizing golf events for corporations.

  • 97% of executives say that golfing with a business associate is a good way to establish a close relationship.
  • 92% say that golfing is a good way to make new business contacts.

Enhance your business LRGC to set up a corporate tournament today!

State Tournaments

State tournaments are a great way to show off your golfing skills. There are many tournaments throughout the state of Utah. The list below shows when the next tournaments are and on what course they will be held.

Fundraiser Tournaments

With a good cause, anyone will come out to golf. Charities that hold their annual fundraising events at the Logan River Golf Course include the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the American Heart Association, and the Breast Cancer Awareness group. Make an appointment to hold a fundraiser on our golf course.

Fundraisers also include:

Cache Valley Open
Eagles Lodge
Logan City Employee Golf Tournament
Men's & Women's Club Oldsmobile Scramble
National Deaf Golfers Association
St. Thomas Catholic Church
Utah Sports Hall of Fame
Utah State University Gymnastics
Utah State University Homecoming


  • For reservations, please call 750-0123 or toll free in Utah 750-0123.
  • Reservations require a $2 per player non-refundable deposit that will go toward purchases in the Pro Shop.
  • Logan River Golf Course provides the scorecards, creates the big scoreboard with all the players' names and scores, assigns and places names on the carts, and also assigns the start times for each of the teams in the tournament.

Tee Times and Prices

Tee Times

For tee times call (435) 750-0123 or click here for online reservations.
Please make reservations one week in advance.


JUNIOR (17 & Under)

9 Hole - $9.00
18 Hole - $18.00
Punch Pass (20) 9 Hole Rounds - $150.00
Season Pass - $300.00


9 Hole - $14.00
18 Hole - $28.00
Punch Pass (20) 9 Hole Rounds - $235.00
Season Pass - $830.00


9 Hole - $11.00
18 Hole - $22.00
Punch Pass (10) 18 Hole Rounds - $195.00
Season Pass - $775.00


(Open daily-daylight to sunset)
Regular Bucket - $4.00
Large Bucket - $8.00


9 Holes - $7.00 Per Rider
18 Holes - $14.00 Per Rider