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Only complete Planning & Zoning applications will be accepted. This includes completed and accurate information on applications, as well as all additional documents and forms that may be required.   

Email application and applicable documents to

This permit is a formal legislative process to consider bringing properties from unincorporated Cache County into Logan City Boundaries

Appeal of Decision
An administrative procedure that requests relief from a  decision by City staff, a designated hearing officer, commission, committee or board.

Property Line Adjustment
The relocation of the property boundary line between two adjoining lots with the consent of the owners of record and after review by the City Engineer.

Code Amendment and/or Zone Change
Application or petition to change either the Official Zoning Map, or the regulations, provisions, standards, specifications, or text of the Land Development Code (LDC).

Conditional Use Permit
A discretionary review process whereby a proposed use may require additional mitigating factors or conditions placed upon it in order to preserve and enhance neighborhood character and to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.

Design Review Permit

A discretionary review process intended to encourage high-quality development design, enhance neighborhood character while ensuring conformance to City standards.

Driveway Permit
A permit to review proposed changes to a driveway of an existing home.

Fence Permit
A permit to review proposed fencing materials, placement and height in both residential and commercial zones.

Application to determine whether a non-conforming structure is legally existing, the property may be granted a permit commonly referred to as a Grandfathering Certificate. If not legally existing, the nonconformity is illegal because it was never legally permitted.

Historic Preservation Certificate of AppropriatenessA discretionary review process whereby the Historic Preservation Committee reviews proposed projects for compliance and consistency with the Design Standards of Logan Center Street National Historic District.

Sign Permit
A permitting process where proposed signage is reviewed for compliance with adopted City standards regulating sign location, placement, materials, sizes, operations, etc.

Subdivision Permit
Any land that is divided, re-subdivided, or proposed to be divided into two or more lots, parcels, sites, units, plots or other division of land for the purposes, whether immediately or future, for offer, sale, ground lease, or development either on the installment plan or upon any and all other plans, terms, and conditions, including for the purposes of securing financing.