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nice_neighborhood_streetThe Forestry Division is responsible for the trees on Logan City properties and right-of ways. This includes the trees which line the City’s streets. The Forestry Division interacts with all other departments and divisions when trees are involved. Because of the highly proactive involvement of the Logan City government in the promotion of trees, Logan has earned the “Tree City USA” award for the last 37 years (as of 2021).

Forestry Activities
  • Logan City ensures that trimming and planting of trees in the planting strips is done in accordance with the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture. Regardless of who performs the labor, all tree work must be done to these standards.  However, residents are not allowed to trim or remove parkstrip trees without first obtaining permission from the City Forester.
  • From 100 to 200 trees are planted annually in the Logan City planting strips (depending on the City budget and donations received by the Forestry Division). This is often done with the help of volunteers from Utah State University, the Boy Scouts of America, and other civic organizations.
  • The City Forester provides advice to citizens concerning their trees. Citizens can schedule appointments with the City Forester to provide this service, at the citizen’s residence, without charge.
  • The City Forester offers free tree care classes, usually in the spring, to all who are interested. Often these classes, in conjunction with an on-site visit from the City Forester, will give novice tree trimmers the ability to trim their own trees.
  • The City Forester is able to help members of the Boy Scouts of America acquire their forestry merit badge & Eagle Scouts through various service projects.
  • The Forestry Division coordinates and hangs the banners on 400 N.
  • The Mayor appoints a Forest Advisory Board consisting of five Logan citizens. This Board provides input and suggestions to the Mayor and the City Forester. The Board meets quarterly and is open to attendance by the citizens of Logan. The time and location of this meeting is available from the City Forester at (435) 716-9749.
  • Members of the Forestry Division hang the Logan City Christmas decorations, with the primary focus on the lights in the trees in downtown Logan.
  • The City Forester often helps with determining whether there are problems with trees and utility lines.