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Garbage Collection


The Logan City Environmental Department provides residential and commercial solid waste and recycling collection to  Logan City and Providence City only.  If you live outside of Logan or Providence City, you will need to call your city offices for information about waste collection.  Garbage is collected weekly on your garbage day. 
Find your garbage day , recycling schedule and more by clicking here.  

Cost of residential collection services is as follows:

60 gallon garbage & 90 gallon recycle $15.40 $16.90
90 gallon garbage and 90 gallon recycle  $17.65  $19.15 
Extra garbage pickup (per container)  $3.87  $4.19 
Can pickup by customer $5.00  $5.00 
Delivery of garbage can  $20.00  $26.00 
Delivery of recycling can  No Charge No Charge 
Curbside green waste (available in select areas)  $5.00  $5.00 
*Some communities outside of Logan add an additional billing fee to these rates. As of July 1, 2023 we are no longer the sole collection provider in Cache County. Contact your city for more information.

We offer two garbage can sizes for our residents.  You can tell what can size you have by looking at the number on your container. It is usually located on the front or side of the container. 90 gallon cans are all numbers where 60 gallon cans have the letter "A" before the number.

If you would like to switch black garbage can sizes from a 90 gallon container to a 60 gallon container (or vice versa) please fill out this form: Residential Service Request Form. You can bring it in to our office in person or email it to our customer service department. We will trade your can size for free. After you file the form with our office, be sure to leave your can where it is accessible to our employees. Go ahead and use the can like normal, making sure to bag all of your garbage. We will trade it out on your next garbage day or as soon as possible.