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Landscaping Products for Sale


Green Waste (2)PLEASE NOTE: Product availability can be limited at times. This can change in 15 minute intervals during the busy season. We continually work on producing landscaping products, but it is best to come to our facility to see the most current landscape product availability rather than call. 

All products are manufactured on site.  Products available for sale include the items listed below.  We will load product for you from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (with no loading from Noon to 1pm).  Saturday we load from 8-4:30 with no break. Please be patient as you wait for loading at the green waste area. There may be  a wait during busy times and seasons. Our busiest times at green waste are Saturdays and weekday evenings from spring to fall. 

Click on the product name to learn more information about it

How much compost do I need?   
Traditional Compost $10.00 per yard
Biosolids Compost $10.00 per yard
Double Screened Bio Solids Compost Coming  Soon
Dyed Wood Chips  (subject to availability)
$10.00 per yard
Premium Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Medium Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Evergreen Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Coarse Shredded Tree Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Firewood* FREE
Tarp (6' x 8')  $4.00 each
Bagged Compost (subject to availability) $1.50 per cubic foot

*Please remember that customers must fill out a chainsaw waiver form to cut firewood at the Landfill. The Green Waste Operators will not cut or load firewood.

How Much Compost do I Need?
full size or 8 foot bed truck will hold 2 yards. You will need to bring a tarp to cover/secure loads at the landfill.  You are more than welcome to bring your own buckets, totes, or bags (heavy duty and don't plan on filling them very full) to fill with compost or wood chips. 

To determine how much compost you might need for a project see the table below. You can find calculators for other depths and materials using a simple internet search. 


Compost Depth (inches) 1.5 Cubic Foot Bag Compost Covers (square feet) 1 Cubic Yard Bulk Compost Covers (square feet)
.5" 36 648
1" 18 324
1.5" 12 216
2" 9 162
3" 6 108

Below is a table showing common residential uses and application rates of compost. Keep in mind the biosolids compost is much more nutrient rich than traditional compost.  

Applications Compost (biosolids or traditional) Wood Chips
New Lawn 1.5" into top 6" of soil  
Established Lawn Aerate than top dress with 1/4" sparingly  
Trees/Shrubs .5-1" at base and drip line 1.5" around base
Vegetable & Flower Gardens 1.5" into top 4" of soil  
Landscaping 1.5" around plantings 1.5" around plantings
Paths/Erosion Control/Weed Suppression   1.5-3" on ground surface

Traditional Compost

This is a compost product made from material brought to our green waste facility by the general public and landscaping products. This compost can take up to 6 months to process depending on weather conditions. This is the product we have sold for many years at the landfill and is screened to 3/4-1" which means it may have sticks up to 1" in length in it.

This product does not use any material from the Wastewater Treatment Facility. See more information about the nutrient composition and application rates here: Link  to traditional compost lab report.

Biosolids Compost
This is a compost product made from a mixture of wood chips and biosolids -  the byproduct from our wastewater treatment plant. This product is safe for home landscape and vegetable garden and other agricultural uses and has been awarded the EPA Class A rating. Compost made from biosolids is considered a nutrient rich compost product and care should be taken to follow appropriate application guidelines. This product is currently screened to 3/4-1" and in the future we will offer a double screened product that screens to 1/4"-3/8". 

You can see safety test results and more information regarding the composition of this product and application rates at the links below. If any of these tests fail to meet the EPA Class A standards, the product is landfilled and not offered for sale to the public. 

Link to metals, pesticides, herbicides report
Link to Salmonella Report
Link to biosolids compost lab report re composition & application rates

Dyed Wood Chips
If we have excess wood chips of any variety and adequate staff we sometimes will dye some wood chips for sale to the public. These are generally very limited and sell out fast. Colors can be black, brown, gold, or red. 

Premium Wood Chips
Premium wood chips generally come from landscaping companies. They are fine wood chips and double screened for size uniformity.

Medium Wood Chips
These wood chips are chipped using our chipper and screened to a 3” size. They are generally less uniform in size. 

Evergreen Wood Chips
These are made with evergreens only as they can alter the composition of the soil making growing of other items difficult. They do retain a nice color. 

Coarse Shredded Tree
This product is very coarse and will look more like small sticks and branches than wood chips. 

We do not sell already cut firewood. We have a wood cutting area where large branches and logs are stored. These large branches and logs will vary in age, size, and how green they are. Those who are interested may come and cut wood at the wood cutting area. Be sure to sign a chainsaw waiver at the scale house. This area is not attended and can get very muddy during wet seasons.