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Landscaping Products for Sale


PLEASE NOTE: As of 5/19/2023 we are low on all products. We are working as fast as we can to get products ready for sale and expect a limited quantity by Memorial Day weekend. Availability will be posted at the landfill gates. 

Materials brought into the Green Waste Facility are turned into products for sale.  All products are manufactured on site.  Products available for sale include 
(A full size or 8 foot bed truck will hold 2 yards). You will need to bring a tarp to cover/secure loads at the landfill:

Compost $10.00 per yard
Dyed Wood Chips  (subject to availability)
$10.00 per yard
Premium Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Medium Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Evergreen Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Coarse Shredded Tree Wood Chips $5.00 per yard
Firewood* FREE
Tarp (6' x 8')  $4.00 each
Bagged Compost (subject to availability) $1.50 per cubic foot

*Please remember that customers must fill out a chainsaw waiver form to cut firewood at the Landfill. The Green Waste Operators will not cut or load firewood.

** You are more than welcome to bring your own buckets, totes, or bags (heavy duty and don't plan on filling them very full) to fill with compost or wood chips. 

We will load product for you from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (with no loading from Noon to 1pm).  Saturday we load from 8-4:30 with no break. Please be patient as you wait for loading at the green waste area. There may be  a wait during busy times. 

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