Mosquito Abatement


The Environmental Department provides mosquito abatement for the Logan City area. The mosquito program samples for larva, sets traps for adult mosquitoes, and tests for diseases in the mosquito population to ensure better health quality in the Logan community. For questions about the Logan Mosquito Abatement Program, please call (435) 716-9749.

Mosquito Abatement at Home
Logan City Environmental Department would like to remind the public that standing water is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. The most important step residents can take to help fight mosquito populations is to remove standing water in yards and neighborhoods. Common sources of standing water are bird baths, pet dishes, flower pot drip trays, ponds, tires, rain gutters, wheelbarrows, wading pools, puddles and ditches, and unused swimming pools. It is important to either change the water in these items frequently or prevent them from collecting water in the first place. Please do your part to help us control the mosquito population. For questions, please call Joe Archer, City Forester, at (435) 716-9749. Otherwise, check this website for updates on the mosquito abatement program within Logan City limits.

Logan City uses the adulticide Kontrol 4-4 and will spray when adult mosquito counts are high and weather conditions permit.

Logan City's pesticide management plan can be accessed in its entirety by clicking here.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact Joe Archer at (435) 716-9749.

For questions and concerns in Cache County please refer to the Cache County Mosquito Abatement District. Here is their website.