North Valley Landfill


It has been a long process to site a new landfill in Cache County. You can find information about the North Valley Landfill by clicking here.

At this time, we are well on our way to having a permit for the North Valley Landfill. We expect to begin hauling waste from Cache County to the North Valley Landfill within the next three to five years. If you have specific questions about the North Valley Landfill, please see the FAQ section below.

How much longer will the current Cache County landfill be operating?

What will happen to our current landfill?

What happens after the landfill is closed?

How much does it cost to close a landfill?

Where will the new landfill be located?

Where will I drop off garbage?

Where will I drop off green waste?

Where will I drop off household hazardous waste?

Where will I drop off construction and demolition (C&D) waste?

Will you still offer tours of the landfill?

How did you decide on where to place the new landfill?

How do we know the new landfill site is safe?

When do you expect the new landfill to be in operation?

Will garbage collection cost more with the new landfill?

How many trucks will go to the new landfill per day?