EMS Operations


Understanding EMS in Logan City and Cache County

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Logan Fire Department is one of two providers that make up Cache County Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS). CCEMS was created by a joining of Cache County medical resources into one cohesive EMS System. CCEMS ambulances are stationed in Logan, North Logan, Smithfield and Hyrum. As part of CCEMS, Logan Fire Department provides Paramedic Service to all of Cache County.

Many people ask why the Logan Fire Department responds with large pumpers on medical emergencies.

Practicing megacode#1- The majority of emergency medical incidents require additional staffing (more than the two personnel staffed on a Rescue/Ambulance) to treat the patient and prepare him or her for transportation to the hospital. This additional staffing enables the responding crew to simultaneously complete different tasks for the patient's care. For instance, when a patient has a heart attack, hooking up the defibrillator, CPR, rescue breathing, starting an IV, and administering life saving drugs may all need to be accomplished quickly and simultaneously in order to give the patient the best chance for survival.

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#2- Because we need to take the "fire station" with us to the call. Every day, simultaneous emergencies occur, which means that our personnel go directly from one emergency to the next without returning to the fire station. That second call may be a fire, extrication, or any number of other emergencies requiring a fire engine. Therefore, we must have the engine with us or hire additional personnel to be at the station. The increased maintenance costs for the fire engine are far less than additional personnel costs would be. Additionally, the fire engine crew can provide the same level of care at a medical emergency as the ambulance while another ambulance gets to the scene.