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On June 1, 2020 Governor Herbert issued a state of emergency due to wildland fires and the threat to public safety, property, critical infrastructure, natural resources and the environment. Therefore, under the authority of Logan Municipal Code §8.04.018 and in accordance with state law, the Logan City Fire Chief hereby orders that the use, ignition, or display of fireworks of any type and the following exempt explosives – sparklers, model rockets, flare guns, snakes or glow worms, etc. as defined in Utah Code §53-7-202 – are prohibited in the following areas:

East Bench

  • East of 1600 East and east of Gibbons Parkway, including north and south slopes of the Island area
  • East side of 1600 East from the North City Boundary to Hwy 89
  • South side of Hwy 89, from 1600 East to 600 East, north side of Canyon Road from 600 East to 1600 East
  • South side of the Logan River from 1600 East to Center Street, the north side of Center Street from the Logan River, east along Center Street then east on Cliffside Drive, then east on Quail Way to Gibbons Parkway
  • East of Gibbons Parkway from Quail Way to South City Boundary

Gravel Pit

  • South side of North City Boundary from 1200 East to 1400 East
  • West side of 1400 East from the North City Boundary to 1000 North
  • North side of 1000 North from 1400 East to 1200 East
  • East side of 1200 North from 1000 North to North City Boundary

West Closure

  • West side of 600 West from the North City Boundary to 200 South
  • North side of 200 South from 600 West to 1000 West
  • West side of 1000 West from 200 South to the South City Boundary

North Closure

  • East side of 200 West from 1400 North to 1800 North
  • North side of 1800 North from 200 West to 600 West

Firework Sales & Discharge Dates
Map of Firework Restrictions

Brad Hannig, City of Logan Fire Chief
Dated: 06/23/2020