Becoming a Firefighter


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Becoming a Firefighter. The testing and application processes are similar for most fire departments and the following will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Before the tests (Applying): Most departments will require that you have certain certifications before you apply for a position. Required certifications vary from department to department. At Logan Fire we require: Firefighter I & II, and AEMT to be eligible for employment, but EMT-Basics may apply.  Make sure that you have the requirements met before you go through the work of applying. You will not be scheduled to test if you don't meet all the requirements.

When you fill out an application for a firefighter position make sure that you fill out your application/resume completely and neatly. Often these applications/resumes, including education and experience, are scored and can be used to rank you against other applicants.

Firefighter tests usually happen once a year or every other year so it is critical that you stay connected to our website or our Facebook page so you know when LCFD is testing.

Once you you have your application turned in and it meets all of the requirements you will be notified to schedule the physical and written tests. The following identifies Logan Fire Department's general process; however, that process could change slightly from test to test:

Step 1 - Physical Test: This is a pass/fail test. Only those with a passing score will be allowed to continue in the testing process. Take a look at the video to see the test. Logan Fire uses this test and other departments have similar tests. Tests are designed to have firefighter skills incorporated but still be simple enough for the average person to perform even if they have no firefighting experience.

 Step 2 - Written Test:
  The written test may include math, spelling and grammar, map reading, decision making, mechanical, and interpersonal skills. It is sometimes difficult to study for these tests but you can get information that will explain what to expect from many sources including the Internet.

Logan Fire Department incorporates a video based test in which the applicants view a scenario and then are asked to provide what they believe is the proper actions to be taken in that situation.

Step 3 - Medical Skills Test: In this part of the testing process candidates are given a medical scenario similar to a "mega code" in which their medical skills are evaluated at the AEMT or paramedic level, based on your application.

Step 4 - Oral Interview Board: The Oral Interview Board is usually proctored by the firefighters, chief officers, and Human Resource personnel who will ask the candidates open ended questions. These questions may be specifically related to firefighting knowledge or general organizational skills and abilities.

Step 5 - Education and Experience: Points are given for education and experience as listed on your application and resume. It is critical that all pertinent information is submitted with your application.

Step 6 - Officers Interview: Upon completion of the scoring process, you'll be notified by Human Resources of your ranking. You may be asked to participate in a Chief's interview before the final selections are made. The questions that are asked in this interview vary greatly but are usually based on decision making and questions to find out what kind of employee you might be. It is important to dress appropriately.

Fire Department testing is a lengthy and complex process. Since fire departments are making a 20 to 30 year investment they must be sure they are hiring the right person. If you are ready and willing to test, realize that it is a lengthy process.

It's important to realize that Logan City Fire Department is more of an all-hazard fire and EMS service. We provide ambulance transport and inter-facility transfer services as well as hazmat, special operations, technical rescue, airport rescue, fire prevention, public education, and all community risk reduction efforts.

All eligible candidates for the position must be certified to the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy Firefighter II and to the State of Utah AEMT level to be eligible for employment, but EMT-Basics with Firefighter II may apply. You must have these certifications completed before you apply. Check with the appropriate state agency for reciprocity requirements. Having additional certifications related to firefighting and emergency medicine will help you later in the hiring process but aren't required. A college degree will also help, especially if it is in a fire related field.

Life as a firefighter in Logan is amazing. It is well worth the effort. These tests are designed to find those people who are good decision makers, physically fit, mentally strong, persistent, and committed. Come and test with us! See if you have what it takes to be a Logan firefighter.