Ride-Along Program


Due to the extreme nature of Fire and EMS Operations and the need for complete privacy protection for the citizens we serve, only EMT and paramedic students are allowed to participate in the Ride-Along program. The Logan City Fire Chief may make exceptions for special circumstances.

The safety and well-being of our personnel, facilities, and constituents is our first priority. Therefore, strict adherence to the following instructions is necessary in order to safeguard participants and to minimize the possibility of interference with normal departmental activities. Failure to comply with the following may result in the denial or termination of the request for a ride-along.

Step 1

Obtain a Ride-Along Request Packet from the Logan City Fire Department. These packets are kept in the secretary's office at station 70, 76 East 200 North Logan, Utah 84321 or may be downloaded here. The packet includes:

Background Check
Obtain the Criminal History Record review following the instructions provided. IMPORTANT: Have the records sent directly to Logan Fire Department “Attn Fire Chief”. We accept no responsibility for records lost or misplaced in the mail. 

Candidates whose fingerprints result in an Official Utah Computerized Criminal History Report that verifies "No Criminal Record Found" shall be allowed to participate in a ride-along (unless otherwise countermanded by the Fire Chief who retains full discretion in this matter) so long as he or she fully complies with all other department “Ride-Along Policies".

Candidates whose Utah Computerized Criminal History Report verifies a past criminal record must be brought to the attention of Logan City Fire Department Administration prior to the scheduled Ride-Along for further evaluation by the Fire Chief and/or other delegated senior management staff before approval or denial of the request is made.

Normally, absent special mitigating circumstances or information, the department will reject candidates for ride-alongs of any kind if they have been convicted of theft, robbery, a violent crime, or drug, alcohol or other substance abuse. In exercising this discretion, the department will place the safety and well-being of its personnel, facilities, and constituents ahead of the need for the candidate to secure the ride-along. No candidate that is evaluated as posing a significant potential risk shall be allowed to participate in the ride-along program. In cases where no significant potential risk is assessed, Captains or OIC shall nonetheless be advised of the ride-along's criminal history where they are being allowed to participate in the ride along program.

To schedule a ride-along, contact the LCFD secretary at 716-9517. Ride-alongs may be scheduled between 9:00am and 9:00pm. Paramedic students may be allowed to ride for 24 hours. In the event the apparatus cannot safely accommodate a ride-along, or other unforeseen circumstances arise, it may be necessary to reschedule your ride-along. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify the on-duty Battalion Chief at 435-374-9125.

Release of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement
A "Declaration of Assumption of Risk" document must be signed at the fire station before you ride along.
Ride-Alongs will sign all forms provided by the Fire Department. The forms will be submitted when you first report for your ride-along. Failure to do so may terminate your ride-along. Forms shall be kept on file by the LCFD secretary.

Polices & Procedures
Read and be familiar with the Ride-Along Policy.

Report to the assigned fire station at the scheduled date and time and ring the front door bell. If the fire station is empty, you may wait for the crews to return.

Most parking around the fire stations has a time limit. LCFD is not responsible for any citations. Do not park in the "Fire Department Only" parking areas without obtaining a parking pass from the LCFD secretary.

Ride-Alongs will be issued gloves, a mask, and a reflective vest compliant with current UDOT and ANSI regulations.

When the scheduled ride-along is over, inform the Captain that you are leaving and return any items that were loaned to you.