daycare - CopyDay Care Inspection Form

The day care inspection form can be found here: Day Care Inspection Form.

Fireworks Display Application Form

This form shall be used as the application for all display of fireworks and flame effects. This application shall be filed at least 10 days in advance of the proposed date of the event and include the following:

  • Site Plan: a detailed plan including dimensions of the discharge site, shooter locatiofireworksn, spectator viewing areas, parking, building/structures, fall out area and associated separation distances

  • Proof of Insurance: Proof of liability insurance, valid at the time of the event

  • Operator License: Copy of the appropriate State of Utah operator license for all operators

  • After Action Report: within 10 days submit report including number and disposal of unfired shells

If you have any questions, contact Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys (435) 716-9515.

Fireworks Display Application Form