Water Supply


Water Supply Analysis for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Water supply analysis shall be conducted using a theoretical water supply modeling system provided by Logan City Public Works Engineers.

To obtain water supply analysis information, contact Cameron Draney (435) 716-9626, of Logan City Public Works.

Other Water Department Requirements for Fire Sprinkler Systems:
January 1, 2016
The following requirements are specific to the area from the flange, where the underground contractor work ends, downstream to and including the backflow prevention assembly:
1. Backflow Preventer Assembly must be a double check (ASSE 1015) assembly.
2. Backflow Preventer Assembly must be tested within 10 days of initial use or upon occupancy request.
3. Backflow Preventer Assembly test ports cannot be used for gauges or any other apparatus.  These ports are for testing only.
4. Pipe material from underground flange to Backflow Preventer Assembly must be AWWA approved for drinking water.  Cannont be black iron pipe.
5. Pipe from flange to Backflow Preventer Assembly must be the same size as the Backflow Preventer for 10X diamenter in length upstream and 3X diament in lenght downstream.
6. Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) if used must be AWWA approved for drinking water and rated approved for fire systems.

The above requirements will be enforced by the Cross Connection Inspector.  The Cross Connection Inspector will not sign off for ocFire Risercupancy until these conditions are met.

Jesse Sharp
Cross Connection Control Inspector

Paul Lindhardt
Water Division Manager