3rd Dam Construction Project


- Update 9/25/2023-
As costs have gone up and budgets get tight, it has been decided to postpone the sediment removal and generation rehabilitation at 3rd Dam.  We are moving forward with Sediment removal at 2nd Dam.  For the last two Spring run offs, we have been unable to capitalize on the generation because the sediment at 2nd Dam clogs off  the intake screens faster than we can clear them. One of the main reasons we have moved to working on 2nd Dam is that 3rd Dam only has the ability to produce 1.5MW of energy.  2nd Dam is able to produce 7MW of energy, so we will get more bang for our buck so to speak.  Rest assured we will get back to the equipment and sediment removal at 3rd Dam as we rebuild our cash reserves.

************UPDATE 5-31-2022*************
The construction at 3rd dam was completed in 2021.  After difficulties with the existing engineer, Logan City found it necessary to terminate the contract and re-hire a new engineering firm to help us move forward.   After bidding it out, we hired Frandsen Engineering.  Next steps include:   Preparing a sediment removal plan to submit to FERC (the federal agency that oversees Hydro Electric in the U.S.).  Completing a "Request for Price" (RFP) to have the Power House equipment (Generators, bypass valves, electrical controls) rebuilt.  The equipment in there now is decades old and is obsolete.  Also, an assessment of the building needs to be done to check it's structural integrity.  It was built in 1922 and we want to make sure it's still safe to be in there working.  It is estimate that sediment removal plan will be submitted to FERC this Summer.  FERC is extremely busy and it will take time to get this approval, before we can do an RFP for the sediment removal of the reservoir.  I hope by Fall 2022 but I think this is wishful thinking.  The RFP for the Power House should be ready by early Summer.  We are hoping that construction on this can happen by Winter of 2022-23.  

************** PRESS RELEASE 04-29-2019 **************

Logan Light and Power announces the end of Year 1 reconstruction of Logan 3rd Dam. Spring 2019 construction activities will be completed by Tuesday, April 30. Logan River Trail near 3rd Dam will remain closed this summer, with trail detour signs at each end of the closed trail section. The U.S. Forest Service will continue the closure of Gus Lind campground throughout spring, summer and fall 2019.

Year 2 reconstruction of Logan 3rd Dam will begin in mid-July 2019 and continue through mid-May 2020. Construction activities will affect traffic at times on the canyon road near 3rd Dam. There will be times of brief lane closures with flaggers. There will be increased construction equipment and truck traffic on Highway 89 and near 3rd Dam. Please be courteous, safe and follow the instructions of flaggers in the construction zone. Thank you for your patience while we improve the facilities at 3rd Dam.


Logan City is currently working to revitalize part of the hydroelectric project which we own and operate by upgrading and replacing aspects of 3rd Dam in Logan Canyon. This will include repairs and replacements to the surge tank, sluice gate, spillway, and gatehouse among other necessary improvements. 

Throughout the duration of construction the Logan River Trail will be inaccessible to the public in vicinity of the project area. 
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Click here to download the slides from the public information meeting which was held on August 2, 2018.

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