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September 2018 Completed Work
  • Continuation of surge tank work
  • Installation of sheet pile for the construction access causeway across the reservoir
  • Clearing and grubbing for work on the south bank
  • Construction of the access road to the bottom of the spillway
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Protection measures for the city's water supply pipeline

October 2018 Projected

  • Completion of surge tank work
  • Installation of the low flow bypass piping
  • Demolition of portions of the spillway
  • Removal of the riprap below the spillway

February 2019 Projected Work
  • Place concrete for the cutoff wall, under drain system, slab, chute blocks. and the end sill for the north half of the stilling basin at the bottom of the spillway
  • Place the concrete for the foundation and training wall for the north abutment downstream from the stilling basin at the bottom of the spillway
  • Begin placing concrete for the sluiceway running along the north abutment
  • Begin placing micropiles for the lower two sections of the stepped footings for the south abutment training wall upstream from the stilling basin
  • Continue to monitor water quality

April 2019 Completed Work
  • Completed concrete work for Year 1 North Training Wall, sluiceway, spillway steps, chute blocks, stepped footings under south abutment, and training wall for south abutment.
  • Completed installing micropiles under lower two sections of stepped footings for south abutment training wall.
  • Placed rock riprap downstream of spillway stilling basin and on left and right abutments.
  • Prepared Third Dam work area for 2019 spring runoff flows.