Commercial & Industrial Lighting Program



Commercial Lighting Incentive Program Incentives 

Replacement Lamps



A-19 or A-21 Lamp, Medium Base up to 12 W



PAR Reflector Lamp



BR Reflector Lamp



MR 16 Reflector Lamp



PLC Pin-based Lamp



PLL Pin-based Lamp



Decorative Lamp



HID Replacement Lamp < 40 W



HID Replacement Lamp > 40 W and < 80 W



HID Replacement Lamp > 80 W and < 150 W



HID Replacement Lamp > 150 W






TLED Lamp with available Continuous Dimming





Retrofit Kit



Troffer Kit


Linear Ambient Kit


Recessed Downlight Kit




Replacement Fixtures



Wall pack Fixture > 20 W and < 75 W


Wall Pack Fixture >75 W




Basic Controls (Interior)

$.40/W Controlled

Advanced Controls (Interior)

$.80/W Controlled

Exterior Controls

$.40/W Controlled




  1. Incentives apply to retrofit applications only
  2. Application period begins August 1.  Applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  3. To be eligible for the incentives listed, the new lighting system must use less energy than the existing lighting system replaced as determined by Logan City Light and Power
  4. Customer must complete all projects by June 30 or they will forfeit their application and any resulting incentive.
  5. Customer may only apply for one rebate per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
  6. Incentives are capped 30% of total project cost (labor + materials) with a lifetime maximum of $30,000 and are not available to reduce the simple payback below one year
  7. Complete fixture removals are not eligible for an incentive
  8. Customer must submit a signed application to City of Logan and get funding approval before funding is guaranteed.
  9. Logan City Light & Power may require a pre-inspection before a customer moves forward with a project. They will let you know when they have approved your application if an inspection is required. Pre-inspection does not guarantee an incentive.
  10. Customer must provide itemized invoices for labor and materials, and a W-9, and may be subject to post-inspection (if a pre-inspection was completed) before incentive will be paid to customer
  11. It is the responsibility of the Customer to calculate future energy savings at their facility.
  12. Actual incentives will be determined solely by Logan City representatives based on inspections and final invoices from contractors not from the initial applicatio

For more information or to get an application please call 435-716-9792 or  email the coordinator

All rebates & incentives will come in the form of a CHECK.

Funding is limited and based on a first come, first served basis.