Light and Power Metering

Chris Niemann Technical Operations Manager (435) 716-9743 
Linda Holland Senior Utility Editor  (435) 716-9621
Matthew Boone Journeyman Meter Technician   
Krista Miller  Meter Reader   
Kaden Myers Meter Reader  

The Metering Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance and accurate reading of all the electric revenue meters in Logan.

Metering provides: timely installations for new services; ensures accuracy of the meters; coordinates with utility billing and after hour service activations; and power quality surveys using sophisticated monitoring equipment for electromagnetic fields, voltage fluctuations, current disruptions and harmonics etc; Provides installation and maintenance of school zone crossing lights; maintains city owned traffic lights and pedestrian crossing signals; performs scheduled meter testing.

Logan City Light and Power has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, particularly in the commercial based customers.