Excess Solar Buyback Rates

To see the entire Distributed Generation (Solar for ex.)  Policy, please click on this link.

Below is the current buyback rate for solar production:
Total Installed Residential Solar (as of September 2019):  1118.5 kW
Total Installed Residential Solar (as of December 2021):  1644.7 kW

Current Residential solar buyback rate:  $0.098/kWh

Logan City Light and Power blended wholesale rate:
Fiscal 2020-2021:  $0.052/kWh
Fiscal 2021-2022:   $0.056/kWh

Rate will be updated every July.
Adjusted on July 2022, Commercial and Industrial Customer buyback rate = Wholesale + 1.5cents/kWh = $0.071/kWh
Original Commercial and Industrial Buyback  was $0.067

Our net metering policy changed to a Distributed Generation Policy (we no longer do net metering) in 2018. You can see more information about why that happened by following these links from a solar net metering workshop held on 1/14/18. 
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