Cache/Rich Drug Task Force


The Cache/Rich Drug Task Force is comprised of full-time law enforcement officers from the Cache County Gun and drug paraSheriff’s Office and Logan City Police Department, with part-time assistance from other law enforcement agencies in both Cache and Rich counties.  With federal, state, and local funding, we are tasked to combat the ever-growing scourge of illegal narcotics and prescription drug abuse that occurs locally. 

Our efforts encompass a zero-tolerance approach to dealers and users of illegal drugs. We recognize that many persons are bound by the chains of addiction and find it extremely difficult to free themselves without outside intervention. Addiction to illegal drugs devastates families and can severely affect the emotional and physical health of children and adults alike. While law enforcement action can result in incarceration, it is more likely that addicted persons can participate in drug court, counseling, and/or probationary services in an effort to overcome their physical dependency and resume a normal, productive life.

We very much need and welcome any information regarding persons or places engaged in the distribution or use of illegal narcotics.  We also recognize that discretion is often required due to the sensitive nature of this information, therefore sources can remain anonymous if desired. Please call 753-7555 to provide information, or to request a drug presentation for your work or church group.

Publications, Information, and Resources

Drug Prevention and Information:

Marijuana Information and Publications for Teens and Parents

Methamphetamine Information and Handouts:

     *   National Institute on Drug Abuse - Meth

Inhalants / Huffing Information, including a resource guide for educators: