The Logan Gang Unit was created in 1995 and has remained a part of the department’s operations since that time. Unit members consist of the Special Operations Division Detectives and Patrol Division Officers. The unit has many duties within the department with gang suppression being a priority.

To prevent gangs from establishing themselves in Logan, we have the resources of the department to combat the problem with one detective assigned full time to gang-related crimes and intelligence gathering. Even with our zero tolerance attitudes toward criminal behavior, we still partner with numerous other agencies to ensure youth receive opportunity to become a positive, contributing citizen to the City of Logan. First District Juvenile Court, Youth Corrections, Cache County Attorney's Office and Division of Family Services are just some of our partners supporting us.

We ask for support from the community to take the appropriate action in parenting, reporting crime, supporting positive community events/activities, and mentoring the young people into a more positive future. Gang awareness presentations are available to the public, religious organizations, schools, and other groups. To request a presentation or if you have any information concerning gang-related behavior or crime, please contact the School Resource Sergeant at (435) 716-9361.

If a crime is in progress, please call 911 to report it.

The Logan Gang Unit works to minimize gang-related crimes in the city by utilizing the following methods:

Community education and awareness presentations are integral to the success of the Gang Unit. Gang Unit officers are active in providing these to many different groups in the area. Presentations are tailored to fit adult groups and youth groups in order to most effectively prevent the growth of gangs. The Gang Unit actively seeks involvement with agencies that assist with prevention in order to promote a community-based solution.

Gang Unit personnel seek to assist gang-involved members and their families when possible. Gang members can be assisted with tattoo removal and with help in joining positive programs upon showing a commitment to remove themselves from gang affiliation.

Intelligence Gathering
The identification of street gangs and members is important in order to combat gang activities. Information related to gangs is shared between local and statewide law enforcement agencies and other government agencies which deal with gang members.

Gang Unit Personnel are active in sending a message of zero tolerance to gangs. Officers will work to prevent gang problems at identified areas or at community events in which gang related activity is reasonably expected to occur.

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