magnifying_glassThe Investigations Division concentrates its efforts on major felony investigations. Crimes investigated by the division include: white-collar crimes such as bad checks, forgery, computer crimes, identity theft and communication fraud. Our crimes against persons detectives investigate serious assaults, robberies, sexual crimes, child abuse and homicides. Our busiest area is property crimes. These dectectives direct their efforts investigating thefts and burglaries. The department is focused on gang-related offenses with one detective dedicated solely to these crimes. We have a zero tolerance approach to these as well as all crimes.

Our division also houses and administrates the Cache/Rich Drug Task Force. This unit is comprised of law enforcement officers who receive specialized training in the investigation of controlled substance violations. These detectives are making an impact on illicit drug use and distribution which is directly related to a reduction in many other crimes.

Our School Resource Officers (SROs) work with the school in keeping our schools a safe learning environment for students. SROs are assigned full-time to Logan High School, Mount Logan Middle School, Bridgerland Applied Technology College and Fast Forward Charter High School. There is also an SRO assigned to the elementary schools who teaches the N.O.V.A program to all fifth grade students.


We feel a major part of our success is contributed to citizen involvement. Please take steps to protect yourself and your property to avoid becoming a victim and report any information you may have to help solve crimes. You may remain anonymous if you wish. By working together, we can have an impact on the problems that confront us. Please us help improve the quality of life we all enjoy in this beautiful valley.