SRO and car

School Resource Officers (SRO's) are assigned to each of the schools in Logan City. Their primary goal is to provide a safe and secure learning environment for every student who attends the school. These officers also create and deliver educational presentations to the students in each of their schools, which are geared toward the development of positive life skills as well as a respect for our local and state laws.

Additionally, the NOVA (Nurturing, Opportunities, Values, Accountability) program is taught to all fifth grade students in each of the six elementary schools. The SRO's are also responsible for the investigation and prevention of criminal acts that may be committed on school campuses such as: theft, vandalism, truancy, child endangerment, and drug and alcohol offenses. Although we are very proactive and involved in the schools, we would not be as successful without the continued support of the school administrators, teachers, parents and concerned citizens who assist in keeping our schools a safe place for our youth to learn.

Cache Valley is growing quickly! With that growth, we recognize that gang-related problems have become more frequent. Our department wide philosophy in relation to all crime is a "zero tolerance" approach. With that in mind, a gang unit was formed which includes all of the SRO's. This enhances the opportunity for officers to work together in the sharing of information, to speedily identify and solve gang-related trends and/or problems. We believe that establishing a focus on prevention and education will be the key in successfully prohibiting gangs from taking a strong hold in our community. In support of this philosophy, classes on gang related problems are available to any interested group. We solicit each and every citizen to acquire knowledge and become an active participant in the improvement of our community. Through these combined efforts, each citizen can be a beneficiary of the positive changes that will ensure that Logan City and Cache Valley remain safe and secure. For your own protection or concern, one may also report any suspicious activity or behavior anonymously.

Letter to Parents on the Dangers of Technology (Cell phones, Internet, etc.)
The Logan City Police Department, Logan City School District and the Cache County Attorney's Office continue to see an increasing number of incidents where children and teenagers become victims/offenders of various crimes that involve modern technology, communication, and media.

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For additional information on how to protect your children and teenagers please visit this website: www.netsmartz.org.