Storm Water Maintenance

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Public Works Building
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Storm Water Maintenance

As part of our ongoing effort to control storm water, the Street Maintenance Division takes the following measures:

Annual river inventory
As spring approaches each year a crew inspects the Logan & Blacksmith Fork Rivers and identify debris that could potentially cause flooding and make a develop a maintenance report for debris removal.

Canal Dredging
As sediment and debris accumulate in canals it becomes necessary to dredge and remove the sediment and debris to keep water flowing and to prevent flooding.

cleaninggrateGrate Cleaning
As needed crews remove debris from catch basin grates located in the curb & gutter at intersections and various areas in the storm drainage system.  This also includes grates that are in the canals at areas where a road crosses over a canal.

cleaningcatchbasinCatch Basin Cleaning
Catch basins (drain boxes) are typically located at intersections or a point where a street gutter discharges into a storm drain system.  They are sediment traps that are installed before a culvert pipe to prevent sediment and debris from entering the pipe.

cleaning gutterGutter Cleaning
We clean gutters and catch basins on a regular basis to prevent debris from clogging the storm drain systems. This is done using street sweepers and vacuum trucks.
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street_sweeperStreet Sweeping

Sweeping the streets and gutters beautifies the city and keeps debris from accumulating in the storm water system and eventually contaminating the water supply.

Storm Drain System
A storm drain system, sometimes referred to as a storm sewer, is designed to drain excess rain, melting snow, and ground water from impervious surfaces, such as paved streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs.

Storm drains or sewers should not be confused with sanitary sewers that drain wastewater to treatment plants.  These are two completely separate systems!

Storm drains are fed by gutters on most City streets and are designed to drain storm water, untreated into canals, streams, and rivers.

For more information on how you can protect our water supply visit Storm Water

Irrigation Water

The City of Logan has a unique system when it comes to irrigation and storm water.  Most irrigation water is conveyed through a system that carries storm water also.

Irrigation water is diverted from the Logan and Blacksmith Fork Rivers into canals. Canal companies provide water to the headgate of the canal. Beyond the headgate, each water user is responsible to divert only the water that can be safely conveyed in the ditch or curb. The City has no responsibility for the water used for irrigation. No permissions are obtained from the City to divert the water throughout the City. Therefore, the canal water masters are the best contacts to resolve any issues regarding the irrigation water.

List of Irrigation Companies and their officers

For questions or to report a problem with a storm drain call 435-716-9642