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The City is investing in Downtown to enhance our beautiful, but aging historic district. The first step is Center Street from Main to 100 West. We are replacing all infrastructure in that block including water, gas and communication lines. It will be more pedestrian friendly, with new wider sidewalks, raised planters for flowers and holiday decorations, a mid-block crossing and mini-plaza area for sidewalk dining. There will also be an arch over the street mid-block, paid for with private contributions.

This project will be completed by mid-November, and we're planning a Christmas Parade and Lighting Festival as a grand-reopening on Saturday, November 30, Watch for details!

"The 20 Ingredients of an Outstanding Downtown" by Consultant Roger Brooks


August 26 - August 30, 2019: Center Street will be closed to vehicular travel. Construction inside the fencing is closed to pedestrians. All trolley line rails have been removed. The public is invited to come to Center Street to watch the demolition. There is plenty of FREE parking inside the blocks accessed from 100 West. 

August 30, 2019: The Logan City Center Street project is now well under way. With all asphalt and concrete removed, crews are focusing work on underground utility upgrades. The street will remain closed to vehicular traffic, as numerous crews work to keep the project on schedule and on budget. Sidewalks, although gravel in some areas, remain open and provide access to business storefronts. Some temporary sidewalk closures are currently in place near the Bluebird Candy business while crews work on a foundation wall. Large yellow directional construction signs guide vehicular traffic via 100 West, 100 North and 100 South to free rear parking areas adjacent to Center Street businesses. New sidewalk concrete is scheduled to begin the week of September 16 and new street asphalt is scheduled to begin the week of October 21. The project is scheduled for completion by November 15.

September 30, 2019: The Logan City Center Street complete re-build project has now been under construction for approximately 60 days. The majority of the underground utility work is nearing completion and the 100 West traffic signal bases are being installed. Portions of the new sidewalk, along the perimeter near the edge of the buildings have been poured. Last week, freshly poured concrete sidewalk was vandalized resulting in approximately $4,000 dollars in repairs. Please do not cross over construction barriers and please report and suspicious activity to the Logan City Police Department. New sidewalks will continue to be poured over the next several weeks and asphalt paving is now scheduled for the fourth week of October. Some construction and weather delays have pushed the completion date back slightly, but crews remain confident that they can complete the project prior to the scheduled November 30th Christmas Parade.

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October 31, 2019: 
Progress is easy to see as the Logan City Center Street complete re-build enters its final phase. The curbing, traffic signal and much of the concrete is installed. The raised flower-planters are in place and the arch bases are currently being poured. The recent weather conditions have been very challenging, but the City and the Contractors remain poised. Asphalt paving is now scheduled to start on Wednesday, November 6th. Final concrete flatwork will continue into November as crews deal with cold weather conditions. The steel arch structure is scheduled to be erected at its mid-block location on November 11th with signage shortly thereafter. Although some of the finishing touches, including the trees and stone veneers, will likely now have to wait until springtime for installation, the street will be open and fully functional for the November 30th Christmas Parade and kick-off to the Holiday shopping season. In the meantime, please remain patient as construction crews continue to deal with the elements and remember that all businesses along this block remain open and ready to serve.
Center Street Oct 2019

November 12, 2019:  The Center Street project, although behind schedule, is progressing well. You will notive the fresh asphalt and pavement makrings that were installed this weekend. Asphalt is usually the final task in a roadway project. However, the weather decided to give us a scare in October so LeGrand Johnson Construction crews took advantage of last week's warm temperatures and shifted all efforts toward installation of the asphalt. Their efforts paid off immensely as you can see in the beautiful new roadway.

Even though the project appears complete, there is still much to be done. Erection of the new archway will being with the end supports expcted to arrive this week. The arch is being finished and is expected to arrive shortly thereafter sot he sign can be installed. Crews will continue working on the electrical, street lighting, tree grates, and plantings this week and next. LeGrand Johnson crews will also resume concrete work and move toward finishing the sidewalks and other public areas. 

The roadway will remain closed while crews complete final portions of work and will reopen it as soon as possible the week of November 25, in time for Black Friday shopping.

Thanks to all for your patience throughout the project and be sure to make to the Grand Reopening and Christmas Parade on November 30th.

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