Criminal Courts

Criminal arraignments begin at 1:30 PM on Tuesday and at 1:30 PM on Thursday for those needing an interpreter. When arriving for criminal court, please check in with Court Clerk before entering the Courtroom. You must be on time to have your case seen by the judge.



Background Information
Expunging a record means that the court orders the records of the arrest, investigation, detention, and conviction in the criminal case are sealed.

This page will describe the process for obtaining an expungement through the Logan City Justice Court.

How-To: Get an Expungement in Logan Justice Court

1. You must first obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).This may take up to 14 Weeks.

2. Completion of the Petition: You must then fill out the Petition for Expungement and Sealing of Record and submit it to the court.

3. Serving the Petition: The petition must be served on the prosecuting attorney and the Department of Corrections. Unless a stipulation is obtained, expungement may not be granted until 60 days after service of the petition on those parties. This allows time for the prosecuting attorney and the victim to file a written objection to the petition, and for the court to order an evaluation, if necessary. If an objection is filed, the court must set a hearing and notify the prosecuting attorney, petitioner, and victim of the hearing date.

4. Written Evaluation: The court may order the Department of Corrections to prepare a written evaluation regarding the petition, including its recommendations. If you file a written objection to the conclusions and recommendation in the evaluation within 15 days after receipt of the evaluation, the court will set a hearing date and notify the parties listed above.

5. Hearing: The court may hold a hearing. Or, if there are no objections to the Petition, the court may make a decision based on written documentation.

6. Findings of the Court: After approving a petition for expungement, the court shall enter an order to expunge all or a portion of the case records.

Your responsibilities:
You, not the court, are responsible for service of the order on affected agencies. Agencies to be notified include:

  • The prosecuting agency
  • The arresting agency
  • The booking agency
  • The State agency (BCI)

Additional information and forms can be found at



Professional Probation Services, Inc. (PPSI)                              
550 North Main Suite #221 
Logan, Utah 84321 
Phone: (435) 787-1830 
Fax: (435) 787-2302

You have been given sentence of probation. If you comply with the conditions of probation, the jail days ordered suspended will be suspended. If you choose not to comply with the probation conditions, probation may be revoked and be ordered to serve the balance of the suspended jail sentence imposed. 

You Must report to PPSI within ten days of the date of judgment or release from jail whichever occurs last.     At that time you will give your Probation Officer the completed Probationer’s Information Sheet ( attached hereto ), sign a probation agreement, be assigned a probation office and have your monthly payment set up.


PPSI does not accept personal checks, credit cards or personal money orders


  1. You must report to your Probation Officer as directed.   Missed appointments can and will result in the issuance of Order to Show Cause and/or Warrant for your arrest.
  2. You will be scheduled to report once a month unless your minimum payment is not met at which time you will report with or without payment on a weekly basis.
  3. Mailing payments does not excuse you from reporting to your Probation Officer as directed. Make any certified funds payable to Professional Probation Services and mail them to the address listed above.
  4. If drug and/or alcohol screening is a condition of your Probation, each screen will cost $15.00.
  5. The conditions of your Probation are not negotiable and will be strictly enforced.

Probation Form