Face Covering Resolution In Effect 9/1/20


Face Coverings Resolution 9/1/20 - 10/15/20
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1.  Where consistent social distancing of at least six feet is not possible, reasonable, or prudent, any individual within the City of Logan who is above the age of 5 and able to medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering shall be required to wear a face covering of material and fit consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. This resolution shall not supersede the requirements of private establishments in compliance with the guidelines of state and federal agencies. 

2. This resolution relies on education. A campaign to spread awareness and scientific research pertaining to mitigation techniques, including masks, shall immediately be implemented by the City of Logan in coordination with designated representatives of the Municipal Council. We encourage businesses, schools and universities, religious groups, and other entities to provide face masks for patrons. We encourage residents to spread goodwill in our common goal to mitigate the negative impacts of coronavirus, simultaneously respecting the deeply held beliefs and physical limitations of others. The goal of the resolution is to send a strong, clear message about the gravity of our current COVID circumstances and the importance of face coverings in effectively addressing this public health emergency. 

3. This resolution takes effect August 31, 2020 and will expire at 11:59 PM on October 15, 2020 unless otherwise determined by the Municipal Council. 

It is the intention of Resolution 20-37, directing the wearing of face coverings due to COVID-19 within the City of Logan, for people to take personal responsibility to follow public health guidelines, protecting lives and improving societal well-being. To that goal, the resolution passed by the Logan City Council does require people to wear masks. The Mayor’s state of emergency continues until August 30, 2020, a period of 30 days. The resolution then begins and continues until October 15, 2020, an additional 45 days. It includes an allowance so that someone who is medically or psychologically does not need to wear a mask.

The resolution does not carry with it, however, the enforcement provision that accompanies the current state of emergency. We passed language similar to the Mayor’s mandate to demonstrate how mask wearing can make our community safer, but a resolution cannot mandate action in the same manner as an ordinance or emergency declaration, which carry enforcement provisions such as misdemeanor or infraction penalties.

The resolution includes an education component to communicate the importance of wearing masks for the health of our community at large and to work to dispel information that is not substantiated by reliable and current scientific research. It is believed that providing information to our community on how to help prevent the spread of this specific disease, including all activities including wearing a mask, we can keep schools open, businesses open and our healthcare system able to meet the demands of cases.

We ask each resident to wear a mask whenever social distancing is not possible, care for each other and show compassion for the deeply held views of those who may disagree with our own. Our actions will have a magnifying effect if our community practices all three of these points, instead of focusing on any singular solution. We encourage other cities to join in encouraging their citizens to do all they can to help.