Fireworks may be lit in non-restricted areas between the hours of 11am and 11pm July 2-5 and July 22-25 (hours extended to midnight on July 4 and 24 only). Fireworks are not permitted at any time in restricted areas. Click here and search an address to see if it's in a restricted area. Fireworks are not allowed in City parks/parking lots.

East Bench Closure
  • East side of 1200 East from the north city boundary to Highway 89
  • South side of Highway 89, from 1200 East to 600 East, then the north side of Canyon Road from 600 East to Crockett Avenue
  • East side of Crockett Avenue from Canyon Road to Riverside Drive, continuing the east side of Riverside Drive to Mountain Road, continuing the east side of the Logan River to Stewart Nature Park
  • The north and east side of the Logan City boundary from Stewart Nature Park to the southern city boundary
West Closure
  • West side of 600 West from the north city boundary to 200 South
  • North side of 200 South from 600 West to 1000 West
  • West side of 1000 West from 200 South to the south city boundary