Spin Bikeshare



For questions concering the Spin app or problems with the bike, please contact spin directly at:

Who can use a Spin bike?
For a fee, bikes are available for use by anyone who lives, works or visits in Logan or USU. Users are encouraged to keep the bikes within the city of Logan or on USU campus.

What do they cost?
$1 per 30 minute trip or a pass with unlimited rides can be purchased for $29per month, $49 for 3 months or $99 for a year.  Students with a USU .edu email account receive half off.

How do the bikes work?
The easiest way to use these bikes is to download the Spin app on a smartphone (Android or Apple) and use the app to locate and unlock the bikes. You can find the apps on their website at: https://www.spin.pm/. You will be asked to create a user profile within the app to provide your personal information and account with your personal payment method. The app will keep your personal information secure. Bike-share providers are working on alternative options for individuals without a smartphone to be able to access bikes for use.

Where do I get a helmet?
Helmets are not provided by Spin bikeshare, nor are they required to be worn when riding bike share bicycles. They are encouraged, however, and each individual is responsible for providing their own helmet. 

What are the cycling laws in Utah?
You can find tips for cyclists and motorists by clicking here

  • Always wear a properly-fitted helmet.
  • Ride predictably.
  • Use the lights provided on your spin bikeshare bike.
  • Make eye contact with motorists when making a turn so you feel confident that each party is aware of one another.
  • Never ride distracted.
  • Be respectful of other road users. 

Where is it permissible for bikes to be parked for the next user?
The best place to leave a bike is at any existing bike parking location, bike rack, etc. In the absence of that, parking in the city right of way provided it does not block travel (on foot, bike or car) and does not damage landscaping or other street furniture.  

  • Bicycles shall not be left on private property unless an authorized commercial business identified through the Spin app allows bike parking at bike racks located in business front yard near public streets.  On blocks without sidewalks, bicycles may be parked if the travel lane(s) and 6-foot pedestrian clear zone are not impeded. 
  • Bicycles shall not be parked blocking driveways or ADA ramps.

What do I do if I see a Spin bike parked in an inappropriate location?
Please call the bike-share operator to report any vandalized or mis-parked bike (number will be posted when available). 


People may elect to physically move bikes that may be poorly parked (it’s quicker and more effective), but citizens and employees are not expected nor required to “self-police” bike parking. That is ultimately the responsibility of Spin bikeshare’s ground operator. 

How does the bike know when to stop charging me?
When you are done with your ride, lock the bike, using the smartphone app, and the ride is over. The app will stop charging you as soon as the bike is locked.

Do I get charged per ride from open lock to closed lock or a straight 30-minute timeframe?
You may complete multiple trips during the allotted time frame. A trip begins when the bike is unlocked and ends when the bike is locked.

Does it matter which email I use to sign up?
It doesn’t matter which email you use, although students must use a .edu email to qualify for a discount. There are currently no other discounts available for other types of users.

Where do I find the app?
You can search on the app store, via Android or Apple device, using spin bike share, or click on the link on their website. http://www.spin.pm

What stops people from just “kidnapping” the bike without using the app?
The bikes have multiple theft prevention features including an alert when a locked bike is traveling above a certain speed and non-standard, proprietary parts that make the bikes less appealing to bike thieves. If a bike doesn’t move for 48 hours or so, the company comes to move the bike. The operator can then go investigate to see if the bike was not properly checked back in or can call the last person who used that bike, etc.

Can I reserve the bike while I’m shopping to guarantee there is a bike available when I am ready to leave?
A user would have to end their trip once reaching their desired destination. The user would then need to start a new trip once leaving their destination. There is no way to “reserve” the bike. If someone else has decided to take the bike while you were away from it, you may use your app to search for the next closest bike to complete your trip.

Can I use my own lock to reserve the bike while I shop?
Bike share operators discourage users from doing so in order to ensure the most number of bikes are available to as many users at any one time. The goal is for there to be enough bicycles available that it would be easy for any user to use another bike at any given time.

Do the bikes have GPS?
The bikes are equipped with GPS to allow the bikes to be visible on the operator’s app, but the bikes are not equipped with a screen to allow for GPS usage while riding.