These sites explain where the planet's water can be found, the water cycle, the differences between surface and groundwater, how people use water, and how water can be conserved. Some of these websites will provide information to help with reports. Others are just plain fun!

  • Earth's Water sponsored by the US Geological Survey includes facts, explanations, and data on surface water and groundwater, including the water cycle, water use, and locations with links. Part of Water Science for Schools


The Water Cycle

Water Use

Water Pollution

Water Usage & Conservation

  • How We Use Water in Utah Utah water storage, delivery, uses and treatment in detail, organized by irrigation, dams & reservoirs, municipal, and industrial prepared by the Utah Division of Water Resources.
  • H2ouse An interactive house diagram with tips and advice listed by area of the home prepared by the California Urban Water Conservation Council (older students through adults).
  • Challenge Questions How much water to grow a hamburger, how many baths in a rainstorm, and other calculations by the US Geological Survey

Water Cycle

  • Find-a-Word Three levels, uses terms from the water cycle. Prepared by the Utah Division of Water Resources

Where Water is Found on Earth

Water Science Education

  • Properties of Water Discusses water’s molecular structure, polarity, capillary action, surface tension, and density. Prepared by the Utah Division of Water Resources.
  • Water Education Van Program offerings and how to schedule an appointment for the van to visit schools, offered by the Living Planet Aquarium