Landcaping Products for Sale


Products available for sale (A full size or 8 foot bed truck will hold 2 yards):

Compost $20.00 per yard
Color Wood Chips (black & brown) $30.00 per yard
Premium Mulch $16.00 per yard
Medium Mulch $12.00 per yard
Evergreen Mulch $10.00 per yard
Fine Screen Pallet Wood Chips $10.00 per yard
Coarse Shredded Tree Mulch $8.00 per yard
Firewood* $10.00 per cord
Tarp (6' x 8') (compost point card does not apply) $4.00 each
Bagged Compost $1.50 per cubic foot

*Please remember that customers must fill out a chainsaw waiver form to cut firewood at the Landfill. The Green Waste Operators will not cut or load firewood.