Fire vehicles

What is the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck?
A fire engine also called a pumper is mainly used to pump water on a fire. It carries ground ladders and other tools that firefighters use in battling fire. Engine 70, Engine 71, and Engine 72 are all fire engines.

A truck, also known as a ladder truck, is also capable of pumping water on a fire but has a large mounted ladder on top of it. Truck 70 has a 105 foot straight ladder or "stick". Truck 70 is used for pumping water, ventilating roofs, victim rescues, and much more. It also carries a full compliment of tools, ground ladders and medical equipment.

Interesting Facts:
You may find it interesting that our front line engines have been outfitted with automatic chains that move down and spin under the rear tires for traction at the flip of a switch. This is ideal for Logan winters where we typically receive a large portion of the "Greatest Snow on Earth".

Also you will notice that our engines have "Paramedic" written on the side. This is because each of our engines respond to medical calls and carries the appropriate medical equipment to provide ALS (Advanced Life Support) care. This is just one more detail that makes Logan's emergency response system one of the best. To find out more about engines responding to medical calls visit the FAQ page.

Check out our truck and pumpers below, and as always, we invite you to stop by the station and see them in person. 

Truck 70

Engine 70

Engine 71

Engine 72

Brush 70

Brush 71

Brush 72