The City of Logan uses a Pay-for-Performance, Market-based type compensation program.

City positions are surveyed annually, as necessary, to ensure that occupational classifications and salary ranges are consistent with current market conditions.

Benchmark positions with other Municipal and Local Government groups throughout the state of Utah are reviewed to determine the average prevailing rate of pay for each particular occupation. These prevailing rates assist in determining the appropriate salary range for each position.

An employee's movement through a salary range is determined by their performance. Both employees and supervisors meet to review their goals and work progress - through work-related criteria. Evaluations are used to determine wage increases and an employee's subsequent movement in their range. Funding for wage increases are made as approved in the budget process.

Please note that the Prevailing Rate represents 100% of the Market Average for a given position.

Employees are accelerated along the Pay Line until they reach the Range Mid-point. Movement beyond the Prevailing Rate becomes increasingly more difficult unless an employee's performance is consistently above average or exemplary.