Steve Crosby Distribution Manager (435) 716-9745
Kim Ashcroft Line Crew Foreman  
Larry Coleman Line Crew Foreman  
Benji Eames Line Crew Foreman  
Jon Pearce Line/Bore Crew Foreman  
Ron White    
Brian Hansen    
Spencer Boone    
Jeff Petterborg    
Heath Cullimore    
Trent Reber    
Jaden Tolman    
Caden Clawson    
Brett Glover    
Ty Andersen    

The Distribution Division "distributes" power to all the homes & businesses in Logan. They are responsible for all power lines within the City including both overhead & underground transmission & distribution. Other responsibilities include the installation & maintenance of transformers, poles, streetlights & other fixtures within the system. They strive to serve the City by constructing, operating & maintaining the safest most reliable power system possible.

Other services offered by the Logan Light & Power Distribution Division include the installation & maintenance of the City street light system.

Safety training sessions are given to all City Departments as well as the general public. Distribution personnel also participate in community events such as parades & merit badge training. They assist other Light Department Divisions & City Departments by utilizing our equipment & expertise in helping in the completion of projects such as pulling fiber optic cable to various locations in the City & working with the Metering Division to install new or upgraded services.

With the continued growth of Logan City citizen/customer population, Distribution has seen a large increase in workload. Distribution continues to improve on Logan City Light & Power's already reliable system.