Problems With Your Electric Power


Our system operators at SOCC provide 24-hour coverage 365 days per year. You can call (435) 716-9090 at any time to get help with electric power problems.

Street Lights Out
Logan City Light and Power does not have an employee designated to go around and find street and parking lot lights that are out. Because of this, we depend on the citizens of Logan to give us a call and report them. Please call (435) 716-9700 or send an email to 

Dixie Swensen so that we can send out our employees as soon as possible.

Depending on the season and current projects, the lights may not be taken care of until a week or two later. If they are not fixed after that amount of time, give us a call and we will do what we can to get the light fixed right away.

Please include the address of the pole, what side of the street it is on (N,S,E,W), what the problem is (is it out, flickering, etc.) and your name and phone number so we can call if there are any questions.