Burial Request Form

After careful consideration and due to damage to irrigation lines in the cemetery, we have decided to no longer allow the staking of tents directly into the ground. This decision has been made to ensure the integrity of the cemetery's irrigation system and to prevent any potential damage.
Instead, we kindly request that all tents be anchored using above-ground weights for the securing of the tents based on the manufacturer's recommendation and conditions. This alternative method of securing tents is both effective and minimizes the risk of causing harm to the grounds. Any damages caused at the cemetery shall be paid by the organization that hosted the services. It is imperative that all contractors (vault companies), their staff, and organizers adhere to this new policy to avoid any damage that may occur to the cemetery's irrigation system.
Logan City Cemetery requires A MINIMUM of a 48-hour workday notice to open a grave. Saturday and Monday burials must be scheduled by 4:00 pm on Wednesday. If there is an intervening Sunday or holiday, arrangements must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Notifications are not accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. No grave will be opened until a Burial Request Form has been submitted, received  by the Logan City Cemetery, and a confirmation email has been forwarded acknowledging receipt.

An On-line Burial Request Form can be completed and submitted.