Animal Control


Animal Micro Chipping Clinics are held in the spring and fall at BTECH West Campus 1410 N 1000 W

Animal Control

If you need to claim a dog, please call Dispatch at 435-753-7555.

It is the mission of the Logan City Police Department Animal Control (LCPDAC), to provide safe, effective, and humane care to domestic animals within the Logan City Limits.  

Currently, when a stray dog is taken into custody by LCPDAC it is transported to the temporary shelter where it is housed in a temperature and air-controlled environment.  Dogs are attended to hourly by the Animal Control staff and supervisors.  Dogs are fed, watered, and monitored every day while in the shelter.  Each kennel is equipped with a bed and blanket which are off the ground.

LCPDAC works very hard to reunite lost animals with their respective owners.  The staff utilizes information systems and an extensive Facebook platform to find owners of lost animals. In the event an owner cannot be located after 5 business days, Animal Control places dogs up for adoption or rescue. Significant measures are taken to ensure the dogs are being fostered or adopted by responsible pet owners or reputable rescue shelters.  LCPDAC provides this NO-KILL SHELTER at no additional cost to the taxpayer.

Currently, the LCPDAC division has no protocol to store stray or feral cats. Most of this is due to space requirements.  LCPDAC will still respond to stray cats and scan the animal for a microchip. If a microchip is located, LCPDAC will assist complainants in finding the owner of the cat. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sgt. Cook at 435-716-9459.

If you have found a stray dog or are missing a pet please call Dispatch at 435-753-7555 for Animal Control services.  

Dog Licenses

  • All dogs over four (4) months of age shall be registered with Division of Animal Control

  • All dogs must be registered to an adult (18 years or older)

  • Registrations shall be renewed yearly and are due on the last day of the month in which it was purchased

  • A current Rabies Vaccination Certification Receipt from your veterinarian must be presented to purchase a license for your dog

License Fees

  • $25.00 Intact male or female dog

  • $10.00 Neutered male/Spayed Female Dog

  • $3.00 Replacement License (only if original is lost)

Animal Abuse/Neglect

What does the state law require?
Animal Owners will: provide animal with food, care and shelter adequate to meet the animal’s needs.

What does this mean?

  • Provide appropriate, adequate food & water

  • Provide shelter so that the animal can get out of harsh weather – snow, hail, rain, heat, high winds, etc.

  • Seek out veterinary care when appropriate

  • Keep your animal current on all vaccinations

If I believe an animal is being neglected or abused, then what?

  • Contact local law enforcement agency

  • Contact local Humane Society or animal shelter

  • Agencies will investigate the situation & take appropriate action (warning, citation or even removal of animals from owner’s custody)

Dealing with a Vicious Dog

What to do if you come upon a vicious dog:

  • Try to get away

  • Get in a car, a house, or even up a tree

  • Get out of the way, so it cannot get close enough to bite

What if you can't get away?

  • Start yelling

  • Keep distance between you and animal

  • Call 911 immediately

  • Do not let the animal think you are scared of it; stand your ground

What if the dog bites?

  • If the dog gets close enough to bite, put out an arm, a stick, or some other object – you will need your legs to run away, so try to get something between you and the dog

  • Seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY

  • Seek treatment for possible infections, and to determine if dog is carrying rabies

Filing a police report

  • Hospital & Doctor’s offices are required by law to file animal bite reports

  • Contact appropriate local law enforcement agency

  • Officer will need to see the wound, determine what treatment you have received, and determine the extent of your injury

What happens next

  • Officer contacts animal owner

  • Officer determines status of rabies & other vaccinations

  • Quarantine – 10 days in veterinarian’s office or owner’s home

  • Rabies shots, if animal is not current

  • Citation to owner & possible extermination of animal