New Developments


This page provides information for new developments. Below are links to helpful websites for new developments.

Effective July 1, 2014, Land Disturbance Activities within the City of Logan now require a permit. The following is an excerpt from the storm water ordinance.

Permits for Land Disturbances shall be required for the following cases:

  • Land disturbing activity generally disturbs one (1) or more acre of land;

  • Land disturbing activity of less than one (1) acre of land if such activity is part of a larger common plan of development that affects one (1) or more acre of land;

  • Land disturbing activity of less than one (1) acre of land, if in the discretion of the City Engineer such activity poses a unique threat to water quality, air quality, or public health or safety;

  • The creation and/or use of borrow pits;

  • Processing of earthen materials such as top soil and gravel screening;

  • Placement or stock piling of materials;

  • Modification of Sensitive Lands as defined in the City Land Development Code; and/or
  • Land disturbing activity involving materials storage, stockpiling, grading, excavation, fill, or similar activity


Fee Description

Fee Amount

Minimum Fee

Site Development



Residential Home Fee



Multi-Family Fee

$1,500.00 per acre


Non-residential Fee

$1,500.00 per acre



$3,000.00 per acre


The following documents are needed for a new development larger than 1 acre:

These documents may be used for a single lot that is part of an existing greater common plan of development:

Storm Water Checklists and Inspection Forms

De-Watering (Discharge) Permit - State Of Utah