RDA Project Areas

Project Areas

Through its RDA, the City has established various “project areas,” or specific geographies, where it would like to realize various economic, redevelopment, and/or community development objectives. Each of these project areas has a predetermined time horizon during which the RDA receives revenue, or tax increment. Some of these areas are “inactive,” meaning that the RDA has collected tax increment revenue from the project area for the approved time period and is no longer receiving revenue, though, in some cases, there is a residual fund balance that can still be deployed. The North Main RDA was merged into the Auto Mall CDA when it was created. 

ACTIVE (see map)

  • Auto Mall CDA
  • Downtown RDA
  • Northwest RDA
  • South Main RDA
  • South Main River CRPA

INACTIVE (see map)

  • 600 West EDA
  • Logan North Retail RDA
  • Logan River RDA
  • North Main RDA
  • Quayle Meadows CRPA