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Aaron Smith

Logan City Public Art Program


The Public Are Program is a creative vehicle for our community to connect, celebrate, and activate the places, people, and values that make up Logan City's unique identity.
Public Art Plan

Core Values
Creating Experiences 

Public art in Logan City must be, first and foremost, about creating positive and relatable experiences for the community. Public art will be woven throughout public spaces, transportation infrastructure, parks, recreation, spaces, and other areas to create fun, interactive, and engaging experiences citywide.

Sensitivity, in broad terms, will be integrated into all aspects of public art projects. The impact and aesthetic of each project will be thoughtfully considered to ensure that it is sensitive to the site, audience, and environment.

Diversity & Accessibility
It is critical that public art feels accessible to all people in Logan City and that the community feels personally connected to the artwork created through this program. Special attention must be given to ensure the artwork selected represents the diverse cultures and viewpoints of the people of Logan City and that many distinct voices are included in the process.

Each public art project is an opportunity to provide an educational experience that can tell stories, provoke thought, and reflect our community identity. Additionally, public art should be used as a platform for educating our community on the overall benefit and value of the arts to daily life.

Strong Management 
The Public Art Program will prioritize strong management that includes a fiscally responsible approach to funding, public/private partnerships, oversight by a diverse Public Art Board, and clear collaborations that expand the program’s reach within the community and its overall success.


                                                                                Art in the Park - Mural ProgramTunnel Painting 2 - Website
The Art in the Park program is designed to meet the goals of the newly adopted Logan City Public Arts Master Plan, which identifies as a core value a diverse and accessible art program. The Art in the Park program seeks to activate park spaces and connect with the activities and communities that utilize the space. The parks for this year’s program were selected due to their unique locations, local activities, and diverse communities that utilize them.

Logan City has commissioned three murals to be painted in local parks during the months of May and June 2022. The Art in the Parks Mural Program is intended to be an initial step in the implementation of the Logan Public Arts Master Plan that was adopted in 2020. Merlin Olsen Park, 300 E Center Street; and the Soccer Park Complex, 250 Legrand Street, were selected for their unique locations, community importance, and available surfaces for painting murals. At Merlin Olsen Park, the north tunnel will be painted by Matt Halm, and the ice rink building will be painted by Matt Monsoon and Brooklyn Ottens. At the Soccer Park Complex, the central concessions building will be painted by Suzy Gonzalez. Logan City is excited and privileged to host these excellent artists to create these murals in our community.

Contact information and painting schedule for the artists is below. A social recognizing the completion of each mural is planned, and a date will be announced closer to the completion of each mural.

Artist: Matt Halm
Mural Location: Merlin Olsen Park – North Tunnel
Schedule: May 9 – May 24
Artist Website:
Contact Email:
Bio: Matt Halm is a professional muralist from Allentown, Pennsylvania specializing in large- scale community murals.  His unique style and perspective have allowed him to create engaging public art for a wide variety of clients.  Halm also works as a mentor and teacher, creating youth mural programs and community art.

Artist: Suzy Gonzalez
Mural Location: Soccer Park Complex (250 Legrand St.)
Schedule: May 30 – June 17
Artist Website:
Contact Email:
Bio: Suzy González is an artist, curator, writer, and self-publisher based in San Antonio, TX. She has exhibited extensively across the country, and her public art includes elements of community and reconnecting to the earth. She has completed public art projects with the San Antonio Museum of Art, the City of Pasadena in Texas, Centro San Antonio, the San Antonio International Airport, and more. Suzy holds an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA from Texas State University. This summer, she’s creating a mural with the City of Logan at the Blackhawk Soccer Park Central Concessions building that highlights portraits of local youth soccer players in action among native plants of the region.

Artist: Matt Monsoon and Brooklyn Ottens
Mural Location: Merlin Olsen Park – Ice Rink Building
Schedule: June, TBD
Artist Website:
Contact Email:
Bio: Matt is a Salt Lake City artist from the Guthrie Artist Studios - located downtown at 158E 200S, in SLC, Utah. These historic studios have inspired many of the city's notable artists, and have served as home base to Matt's creative work since 2009. Matt’s expressive illustrative style not only evokes feeling, it pops with color, characters, nature, and storylines that keep the viewer returning to the art again and again. A sense of place, community, and of home, is found frequently in Matt's work, as well as multicultural artistic influences, ideas, and philosophies that rubbed off from a childhood spent growing up in places such as Okinawa, the UK, Germany, and the Philippines. Matt is an avid hiker, naturalist, and explorer - and a lover of wild Utah. This also heavily influences his work.

Brooklyn Ottens has always called Utah home.  She has lived in downtown Salt Lake City for the past 14 years, with an art studio at the historic Guthrie Building for the last 7 years.  There, she creates multimedia works using pen & ink, acrylic, aerosol, oils, and watercolor on paper and wood panels.  Creative expression has always been a part of her life, whether it be art, murals, screen printing, fashion, or installation design, she possesses a constant and natural urge to create.