Chip & Seal

The 2021 City of Logan Chip & Seal program will run from July 6-30.

July 6-16  the scheduled streets will be chipped (dates are approximate*).
July 19-30 the scheduled streets will be fog sealed (dates are approximate*).
**We try to work as closely to the schedule as possible. However, there are many factors that go into play with this process often times changes must be made last minute. Weather, equipment issues, projects or repairs from other departments all come into play.  Please understand changes will occur through the process, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Call 435-716-9642 for updates, questions, or concerns.
** Due to equipment issues we were unable to chip the last road as scheduled (725 North) and are beginning to seal the roads.  This puts us 1 day ahead of schedule on the seal date referenced in the link below.  Please note that we will go back to complete the last road (725 N, 200-400 W) by the end of July.

2021 Schedule

Click on the map below to view the City streets being resurfaced.  


  • Approximately 2 or 3 days before chipping and then again before sealing, we will place No Parking barricades along the shoulders of the road. Once the work begins, the street will be closed.
  • Vehicles left parked on the roadway when we are ready to begin chipping, as well as when we return to fog seal, will be impounded at the owner’s expense.
  • While the crews are chipping - You will be able to get in and out of your driveway or business access during that time; however there might be a slight delay. The day the crews are in your area to spray the fog seal the delay could be longer, in order for the for seal coat to dry.
  • The days between laying chips and fog sealing crews will be sweeping the excess chips from the streets. The sweeping may be taking place at night. Cooler temperatures are necessary to protect the surface of the newly chipped road.
  • We ask that you make sure your sprinklers do not water any part of the street surface for 4 hours after the road is chipped and again when sealed.
  • Once the road has been chipped, please exercise caution, do not turn sharply or spin your tires on the new road surface.

Thank you in advance for your patience,
Logan City Public Works Street Division

Please call 435-716-9642 with any questions.