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Monday - Friday
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Public Works Building
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Our Functions


The function of the Street Maintenance Division is to maintain the existing infrastructure within the City of Logan in order to provide a clean and safe environment for City of Logan citizens and visitors.

Our crews perform the following duties:

Catch Basin Cleaning
Chip and Seal
Concrete Maintenance
Crack Sealing
Leaf Cleanup
Storm Drain Installation & Repair
Gutter Cleaning
Paint Maintenance
Pothole Patching
Shoulder Maintenance
Sign Maintenance
Snow Removal
Spring Cleanup
Storm Water Maintenance
Street Sweeping

For questions or to report a problem call 435-716-9642 

Concrete Maintenance

The Concrete Maintenance Crew maintains sidewalks and curb & gutter along city streets.  The most common request we receive is for repairs to damaged sidewalk and curb & gutter.  When such a request is received the area in question is inspected for type and severity of damage
There are 3 types of concrete damage:  faulting, cracking, and scaling or spalling.  Each type is rated in severity as high, medium, or low.

High faulting- 3” or greater                Medium faulting- 1-3”            Low faulting- less than 1”

High cracking- greater than ½”           Medium cracking- ¼ - ½”       Low cracking-less than ¼”

High Scaling-greater than 30%           Medium scaling- 10-30%        Low scaling-less than 10%

If a privately owned tree is the cause of faulting or cracking, the City may require the tree to be removed by the property owner before repairs can be made.

Driveway approaches/bridges over the curb & gutter are the responsibility of the property owner.

Crack Sealing
Cracks will develop in asphalt pavements over the service life of a roadway.  Crack sealing is the process by which cracks in the street asphalt pavement are sealed with hot rubberized material that will prevent water from seeping in, which is the most common cause of potholes and asphalt failure.

Paint Maintenance
The Street Maintenance, Sign & Paint Crew maintains the pavement marking on city streets and city owned parking lots.  This includes centerlines, shoulder lines, stop bars, crosswalks, school crossings, bike lanes, directional arrow, railroad crossing, parking stalls, handicap stalls, and red curb.

crosswalk - Copypavement marking - Copy

Pothole Patching
A pothole is a type of failure in asphalt pavement caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil or within a weak area of the asphalt pavement.  Traffic passing over the affected area will fatigue the area and break poorly supported areas.

Potholes are common to our area due to the freeze & thaw cycles we experience during the winter months.  When water seeps into cracks of a roadway and temperatures drop below freezing, the water will freeze and expand.  This expansion causes the asphalt to break apart and a pothole develops.

The Asphalt Crew uses two different types of material to patch potholes depending on the time of year. The preferred process for warm weather months is to use hot mix asphalt. Hot mix is asphalt that is heated to 300+ degrees which when cooled hardens to match the road and make a hard asphalt pavement.

Hot asphalt plants close for the winter and do not start making hot mix until the end of April or early May so during the winter months the crews use cold mix asphalt.  Cold patches have less binding adhesives and are often used as a temporary means.

Shoulder Maintenance
The road shoulder is the reserved area alongside the roadway to be used in the event of an emergency.  Not all City streets have shoulders, but where present, are normally unpaved. Road shoulders are not traveling lanes, and motorists should not use them as such.

Shoulder grading or rebuilding is performed to correct soft shoulders, rutting and buildup of materials, for safety, to support the asphalt pavement, and to maintain proper drainage.

Mowing & weed spraying are also done to maintain adequate vision, reduce fire hazards, control noxious weeds, reduce shoulder maintenance, and provide adequate drainage.

Sign Maintenance
The Street Maintenance, Sign & Paint Crew install and maintain all street signs along city streets. This includes stop signs, yield signs, school zone signs, street name signs, and more.

Sign installation must follow MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards. Installation of signs that regulate the flow of traffic require approval by the City Engineer and may require traffic studies prior to approval.

Cache Valley Transit District and Union Pacific Railroad maintain their respective signs.

Storm Drain Installation & Repair
The Storm Drain installation & Repair Crew installs new storm drainage and maintain the existing drainage systems by repairing or replacing catch basins and culvert pipes when needed.

For more information visit Storm Water Maintenance.

For questions or to report a problem call 435-716-9642