Spring Cleanup


Spring Cleanup is completed for 2022
You may take any remaining green waste to the Landfill Green Waste area free of charge.

****We will NOT visit any street more than one time.  Please help our crews during Spring Cleanup by meeting the date above****

Crews will pickup green waste from all Streets -- Private and City Owned within Logan City Boundaries

During Spring Cleanup Logan City residents can put green waste on the park strip in front of their homes and the Public Works Department will pick it up.

  • Green waste is material such as lawn clippings, leaves, and branches. (See below for more detail).  Bagging of clippings and leaves is acceptable.
  • Material cannot be longer than 6 feet or bigger than 12 inches in diameter, and cannot total more than 12 cubic yards. Please, no large stumps.
  • To help our crews & equipment work more efficiently, please do not pile green waste by fixtures like fire hydrants, water meters, mailboxes or trees.
  • Please park off the street as much as possible. Vehicles prohibit our equipment from reaching the debris.
  • Please be aware that during Spring Cleanup each street is cleared of green waste piles one time only.
  • Please do not put any green waste in the gutter or in the street.
  • If there is any garbage or other debris in the green waste it will not be picked up.
  • Materials other than green waste, or green waste put out after April 18th, will be the responsibility of the resident.

Please call 435-716-9642  with any questions.

     Even though we are unable to set a schedule, you can track our crews' progress by visiting our Spring Cleanup map.  If your street has been visited, a colored line will appear.  The map will be updated at the end of each work day.
     Click here to access the map:

Helpful Hints

  • Keep in mind when putting out your green waste for spring cleanup that it is against city ordinance to place debris in the gutters.  It will impede the flow of storm water and irrigation and cause flooding.
  • Not knowing ahead of time how many loads it will take to clear each street we are unable to set a schedule.  Don't risk it... have all spring cleanup green waste out by Monday, April 18th!


Acceptable material:  Materials NOT accepted:
  • Grass
    •  Rocks
  • Leaves
    •  Dirt
  • Garden waste
    •  Tree root balls
  •  Clean hay & straw
    •  Sod
  •  Shrubs
    •  Other things that were not once alive
  •  Branches
    •  Invasive weeds (morning glory, dyers woad, etc.)
  • Non-invasive weeds
    •  Anything over 6 ft. in length or 12" in diameter