Leaf Cleanup


2023 Season leaf cleanup will be completed by November 30th.  
We will continue to give gutters and storm drains year round attention as needed.

Please note:  This is leaf pick up only.  If sticks, branches or other materials are mixed in with leaves, they will not be picked up by our crew .  See additional information below.

The Street Division, under the direction of the Public Works Department, is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the streets and storm water systems throughout the City. The purpose of the leaf cleanup program is to remove leaves from the roadways and gutters so that they do not impede the flow of storm water, causing flooding or property damage. Therefore, major water ways and storm drains are given first priority and receive as much attention as needed. It is necessary to clean some areas multiple times while some areas are only cleaned once.  Vacuum trucks and sweepers are used in this process.


Even though we are unable to set a schedule you can track our crews' progress and see if your street has been visited by referencing our interactive Leaf Cleanup map. Click on the link to access the map:

Either use the zoom buttons in the top left-hand corner of the map to locate your street or simply enter your address in the search box at the top of the map. If your street has been visited, a colored line will appear along the street in front of your house. To see information about when the street crews came by, simply click on the colored line segment and an information box will appear. Please keep in mind that some parts of Logan require multiple visits, due to the density of dropped leaves within the City’s storm water system. Conversely, areas with no City street trees, or no storm water infrastructure, are lower priority.

The map will be updated at the end of each work day.

Leaf cleanup typically begins in mid to late October and continues until approximately the Thanksgiving Holiday, or as long as weather permits.

Bagged leaves are easier to manage if a windstorm hits or we receive precipitation before we are able to complete leaf cleanup.  Please bag leaves and place on park strip.  These may be picked up after the majority of loose leaves are cleared.

The Street Division asks for your cooperation in the following ways:

  • Leaves only.  Please do not include sticks or branches, grass clippings, garden waste, or flower bed mulching with leaves. They plug the vacuum tubes and damage the equipment.
  • Park off the street as much as possible. Vehicles prohibit our equipment from reaching the leaves.
  • Please do not rake leaves to the edge of the roadway or in to gutters.
  • If you have a curbside green waste container, it may be used to dispose of leaves. The week of November 13-17, 2023  will be the last curbside pickup of green waste containers. Please do not put leaves in your blue recycling can. Contact the Environmental Department for more information about what you can and cannot put in your green waste container and blue recycling can.

Leaves and other green waste are always accepted at the Landfill free of charge

Please call 435-716-9642 with any questions.