Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Building Ben Anderson Chief Building Official (435) 716-9032
Building Mike Carlson Plans Examiner (435) 716-9033
Building Jason Major Plans Examiner (435) 716-9034
Building Zack Ludlow Building Inspector (435) 716-9031
Building Cristina Brough Building Permit Technician (435) 716-9030
Information Technology Jeff Compton IT Manager 435-716-9050
Information Technology Steve Isaacson Network Administrator 435-716-9058
Information Technology Jeremy Gallup IT Systems Administrator 435-716-9052
Information Technology Kevin Budge Systems Administrator 435-716-9064
Information Technology Seth Beckett IT Specialist (435) 716-9056
Finance Richard Anderson Finance Director 435-716-9180
Finance Rueben Nelson Controller 435-716-9186
Finance Lori Mathys Purchasing Agent 435-716-9655
Finance Ambrie Darley Senior Accountant 435-716-9183
Utility Billing Brett Bodily Assistant Treasurer 435-716-9187
Finance Nathan Oak Senior Accountant 435-716-9182
Finance Janet Beck Senior Accounting Tech 435-716-9185
Finance Lindsey Hodges Accounting Tech 435-716-9184
Finance Toni Barson Accountant 435-716-9181
Public Works Paul Lindhardt Public Works Director 435-716-9151
Engineering Bill Young City Engineer 435-716-9160
Engineering Tom Dickinson Assistant City Engineer 435-716-9168
Engineering Sadie Boyer Engineering Technician (435) 716-9164
Engineering Alex Oliphant Engineer 435-716-9165
Engineering Kamilla Schultz Engineer 435-716-9162
Environmental Amy Anderson Customer Service/Secretary III 435-716-9755
Environmental Rex Davis City Forester 435-716-9749
Environmental Rebecca Beale Secretary III 435-716-9768
Environmental John Christensen Operations Analyst 435-716-9765
Environmnetal Bruce Douglas Recycling Crew Chief 435-716-9770
Environmental Landfill Manager 435-716-9791
Environmental Issa Hamud Environmental Director 435-716-9752
Environmental Jim Harps Environmental Permits & Analysis Manager 435-716-9797
Environmental Warren Hullinger Landfill Foreman 435-716-9798
Environmental Robert Jensen Refuse Collection Coordinator 435-716-9762
Environmental Brad Jones Pretreatment Inspector 435-716-9757
Environmental Tim Lindsay Pretreatment Inspector - Wastewater 435-716-9764
Environmental Emily Malik Conservation Coordinator 435-716-9792
Environmental John Newbold Pretreatment Inspector 435-716-9759
Environmental Neal Richards Solid Waste Crew Chief 435-716-9763
Environmental Jeff Spatig Customer Service Manager 435-716-9794
Environmental Tyler Richards Environmental Engineer 435-7169756
Environmental Christine Willie Administrative Assistant 435-716-9750
Street/Storm Water Hart Wybrow Division Manager (435) 716-9643
Street/Storm Water Jan Curtis Secretary III (435) 716-9642
Street/Storm Water Shawn Hansen Foreman 435-716-9645
Street/Storm Water Reed Romney Crew Chief 435-716-9644
Street/Storm Water Jerome Mercado Crew Chief (435) 716-9649
Street/Storm Water Josh Hatch Crew Chief 435-716-9647
Street/Storm Water Brad Jensen Crew Chief 435-716-9648
Storm Water Lynn Mays Storm Water Inspector 435-716-9167
Utility Billing Tyson Griffin Treasurer 435-716-9195
Utility Billing LynAnn Smith Senior Customer Service Clerk 435-716-9211
Utility Billing Revenue Coordinator 435-716-9203
Utility Billing Patti Stott Customer Service Clerk II 435-716-9205
Utility Billing Barbara Motter Customer Service Clerk I 435-716-9208
Utility Billing Rei Fukuoka Customer Service Clerk I 435-716-9208
Utility Billing Customer Service Clerk I 435-716-9208
Police Gary Jensen Police Chief (435)-716-9311
Police Meredith Newsome Administrative Assistant 435-716-9311
Police Allison McKenzie Investigations Secretary 435-716-9361
Police Kim Latu Patrol Secretary 435-716-9451
Police Curtis Hooley Investigations Captain (435)-716-9361
Police Records Kirsti Kjome GRAMA Specialist 435-716-9305
Police Bret Randall Patrol Lieutenant (435)-716-9300
9-1-1 Communications Bryan Low Senior Dispatch System Admin. 435-716-9421
9-1-1 Communications Shelley Peterson Dispatch Director 435-716-9423
9-1-1 Communications Laurilee Tarbet Dispatch Supervisor 435-716-9324
Legal Sylvia Tibbitts Legal Assistant 435-716-9080
Legal Kymber Housley City Attorney 435-716-9080
Legal Craig Carlston Assistant City Attorney/Risk Manager 435-716-9080
Legal Brody Parker Safety Officer 435-716-9670
Economic Development Kirk Jensen Economic Development Director 435-716-9015
Administration Holly Daines Mayor 435-716-9002
Administration Teresa Harris Mayor's Assistant/City Recorder 435-716-9002
Community Development Mike DeSimone Director of Community Development (435) 716-9022
Community Development Amanda Pearce Administrative Assistant/CDBG (435) 716-9021
Community Development Russ Holley Senior Planner 435-716-9023
Community Development Tanya Rice Planner (435) 716-9036
Community Development Aaron Smith Neighborhood Improvement Manager (435) 716-9027
Community Development Debra Geller Secretary III (435) 716-9025
Community Development Maria Tena Code Compliance Inspector (435) 716-9035
Community Development Brooke Talbot Code Compliance Inspector (435) 716-9037
Community Development Stacy Christoffersen Business License Clerk 435-716-9230
Community Development Michelle Anderson Secretary III (435) 716-9008
Community Development Bonnie Black City Hall Receptionist (435) 716-9000
Community Development Cecilia Mendiola City Hall Receptionist (435) 716-9000
Light & Power Mark Montgomery Director 435-716-9744
Light & Power Dixie Swensen Administrative Assistant 435-716-9700
Light & Power Yuqi Zhao Resource Manager 435-716-9738
Light & Power Steve Crosby Distribution Manager 435-716-9745
Light & Power Chris Niemann Technical Operations Manager 435-716-9743
Light & Power Linda Holland Senior Utility Editor 435-716-9621
Public Works Fleet Services Mike Beckstead Fleet Manager 435-716-9660
Public Works Fleet Services Chanin Gammill Secretary III 435-716-9672
Public Works Fleet Services Shay Downs Lead Mechanic (435) 716-9663
Water / Waste Water Joseph Hawkes Water/WW Manager (435) 716-9626
Water / Waste Water Kasey Erickson Water Foreman (435) 716-9625
Water / Waste Water Keri Moya Secretary III 435-716-9620
Water / Waste Water Scott Dawson Sewer Collections Foreman (435) 716-9628
Water / Waste Water Kurtis Williams Well Tech Foreman 435-716-9624
Water / Waste Water Derek Holmstead Water Engineer (435) 716-9622
Water / Waste Water Jed Olson Water Meter Crew Chief 435-716-9632
Water/ Waste Water Stephanie Muir Cross Connection Assistant 435-716-9634
Water / Waste Water Jesse Sharp Water Quality / Cross Connection 435-716-9627
Administration Kirk Jensen Economic Development Director 435-716-9015
Light & Power Matt Turnbow Electric Utility Senior Planner 435-716-9722
Human Resources Ambrie Darley Director (435) 716-9046
Human Resources Heather Knowles Administrative Assistant 435-716-9044
Engineering Chris Clark Public Works Inspector (435) 716-9617
Engineering Sammy Low Public Works Inspector (435) 716-9169
Fire Brad Hannig Fire Chief 435-716-9512
Fire Craig Humphreys Assistant Chief/Fire Marshall/PIO 435-716-9515
Fire Doug Fullmer Battalion Chief 435-716-9513
Fire John Fullmer Battalion Chief 435-716-9500
Fire Scott Kendrick Battalion Chief 435-374-9125
Fire Kyle Lindsay Assistant Fire Chief 435-374-9125
Fire Aaron Walker Fire Inspector 435-716-9516
Parks and Recreation Russ Akina Director 435-716-9240
Parks and Recreation Gloria Chacon Administrative Assistant (435)-716-9241
Parks and Recreation Debbie Harvey Department Information Representative 435-716-9244
Parks and Recreation Dan Blakely Recreation Manager 435-716-9247
Parks and Recreation Nathan Swartz Recreation Program Coordinator 435-716-9245
Parks and Recreation Tara Alder Community Youth Coordinator 435-716-9249
Parks and Recreation Randy Oldham Golf Course Superintendent randy.oldham 435-716-9271
Parks and Recreation Jeff John Golf Professional 435-716-9275
Parks and Recreation Justin Allen Cemetery Sexton 435-716-9270
Parks and Recreation Ed Stephens Parks Superintendent 435-716-9260
Parks and Recreation Reed Bytendorp Parks Foreman 435-716-9635
Library Karen Clark Library Director (435) 716-9130
Library Joseph Anderson Assistant Library Director & Librarian (he/him) (435) 716-9137
Library Laura Nelson Librarian (435) 716-9134
Library Natalie Gregory Librarian (435) 716-9133
Library Debbie Ogilvie Librarian (435) 716-9139
Library Hollie Dabb Librarian (435) 716-9132
Library Robby Linton Associate Librarian (435) 716-9138
Library Morgan Capitan Associate Librarian (435) 716-9131
Library Morgan Stoker Taylor Librarian (435) 716-9012
Library Jaylene Blair Associate Librarian (435) 716-9144
Library Nikki Garrett Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9136
Library Katelyn Ekker Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9142
Library Katie Jaggi Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9123
Library Lauri Hancey Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9123
Library LuAnn Nielson Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9123
Library Elizabeth Turner Library Technical Assistant (435) 716-9123
Library Matthew Ascione Library Page (435) 716-9123
Public Works Charon Sprague Administrative Assistant 435-716-9152
Engineering Ethan Talbot City Surveyor 435-716-9166
Engineering Monte Clark Blue Stakes Inspector 435-716-9615
Engineering Paul Holverson Blue Stakes Inspector (435) 716-9161
Engineering Madison Wood Secretary III (435) 716-9153
Fire Jalayne Hatch Administrative Assistant 435-716-9517
Public Works Samuel Odd Public Works Program Manager (435) 716-9154